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Is there a FULLY waterproof case for Apple Macbook 13.3"?

Asked by bingoland (28points) April 29th, 2009

I am hiking around the country with my laptop and need waterproofing. Any ideas?

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Is it likely to be submerged or does it just need to be resistant to heavy rain?

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People are hesitant to say “waterproof” because if you take it 200 feet deep in the sea it will probably leak. That being said, Pelican makes rugged highly water resistant cases. It is the case a lot of scuba divers use to keep their gear dry when they are out at sea.

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The OtterBox 7030 Laptop Case protects your computer like no other case on the market, and it follows in the OtterBox legacy by offering complete waterproof protection. This case can be used to safeguard slates, tablets, ultra mobile PCs and convertible tablet PCs. The OtterBox 7030 Laptop Case will fit up to 15” laptop screens- including laptops with widescreen displays.

It costs $189 and weighs 6.75 lbs all by itself.

The water protection is rated as: 30 min. immersion / 1m depth.

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An ultra mobile PC is not going to be ultra mobile in a case that weighs nearly 7lbs (thats more than a Macbook think). If you’re backpacking you will hate before lunch on the first day.

I would be tempted to put in a padded slip case and then put that in a waterproof dry bag. While it might not be as protected if you drop it in a river it will keep it protected from the weather and will be easier to live with if you are walking.

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I don’t know much about waterproof cases for your computer, but will recommend that you take the battery out when you’re on the move.
I cook at a fishing camp in the summer, and make the trip between here and there 10 to 20 times. Camp is nine miles from the nearest road by water, so I usually put (separate) computer and battery in something reasonably waterproof, a couple of ziplocs or a dry cooler, to protect from spray as I cross.
When packing to go home last summer, I threw the battery in my pack, and put my iBook in a cooler with some dry non-food items. I got pretty sick on the way home, and stayed that way for a few days. My kids unloaded the truck for me, and left the cooler outdoors where it sat in the rain for two days.
The cooler wasn’t waterproof. When I opened it three days later, my computer was partially submerged- my heart sank, and I felt sick all over again.
I was advised to put the thing next to a dehumidifier, which I did. I left it there for an additional two days, reconnected the battery, and it started right up as if nothing had ever happened. I’m still amazed whenever I think of it- God does watch over kids and fools…

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