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What happens if you fry the logic board on a ipod touch first generation?

Asked by latinagirl56 (109points) November 21st, 2011

This is for the tech-wiz. I was messing around with my ilive cause it wasn’t charging my ipod, and so I opened it up. I wanted to see if there was anything loose that I could probably fix. So while I had the ipod in the dock I was moving it around trying to get my ipod to charge. I saw some sparks from the part where you would dock your ipod to charge it so me being the smartest person (I say this sarcasticly) went took my screw driver and ran the screw driver across the dock where the wires were exposed. And there a was spark, but one spark wasn’t enough and I did it again and then all of the sudden my ipod shuts off and the back of it was hot where you would plug in to charge your ipod. I kind of paniced but didn’t really think anything of it. So I looked up online for a new battery and they’re not that expensive so I was kind of happy (thinking at first it was the battery that got damaged). But I went to go charge my ipod hopping that maybe some how something magical would happen and my ipod would be ok. But after a couple minutes my ilive started beeping and that’s never happened before, so I switched it to radio and the beeping stopped. Then I switched it back to ipod/aux and the beeping continued. So I grabbed my ipod took it out of the dock and it was really hot. It didn’t burn me but it really starled me. I don’t have the right tools so take everything apart and to look at the logic board, but I’m pretty sure now that’s what got ruined. So my question is what happenes when you fry the logic board on the ipod? Once it is damaged can you replace it, and if so how much does it cost? Or is that it the ipod is toast? Please help :/ I don’t even know how the hell I’m going to explain this to my parents but sooner or later I’m going to have to

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I think you killed it. Luckily you didn’t hurt yourself though. Learn from it and call it a lesson, rather than a stupidity.

There are repair websites that you can look up, but yours being a first generation, i’d consider looking for a second hand one.

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If it were me, I’d take it to get recycled by Apple, and pick up a newer refurbished/used replacement. Be careful with electricity and metal (water too).

I’d tell your parents that it gave out on you. This isn’t really a lie. You may have driven the stake through its heart, but it was acting up and probably nearing the end of its useful life as it was.

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I’m guessing it’s out of warranty but you can still take it in and see what Apple says. I’d suggest however, you look at the cost of a new one because that’s where this is likely to lead. As has been suggested, so long as you don’t need the latest/greatest features, you can find some really good deals on used ones online.

As far as what to say to whom that’s pretty much up to you and your conscience.

At least with Apple stick with only the details necessary to expedite the effort – “It was fine when plugged it in, after a while I noticed it was shut down, I unplugged it there may have been sparks involved, and it was really hot” (or something like that) – technically this is lying through omission which I shouldn’t really be advocating but then, life is full of little technicalities.

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Thanks everyone for your answers this will really help me. I might hold off for a while getting a new ipod because I stopped using my ipod for a while since it wasn’t charging and the top button wasn’t really working anymore. That night I don’t know what came over me that I had to mess around with it, but I have learned my lesson and will leave repairs like that to the professionals.

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This is exactly why if you don’t know what you are doing, you shouldn’t touch it

Also, there isn’t a chance he could have “gotten hurt”, he’s not “lucky”, ipods only charge a 5.some volts and 50 miliamps, thats not even enough to go through skin to shock you.

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