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Is IPAD worth buying?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) June 30th, 2010

I just want to hear an opinions from people who owns an IPAD…

Do you ever regret buying it?
What do you like/hate the most about it?
for what purpose do you use it the most?? (game, ibook, web browsing, work…)
would you recommend this device to other people??

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No, and this is from a right wing newspaper. Boycott them until working conditions and pay improve.

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I heard about that news as well…and I thought apple announced that they are gonna try to improve their workers working condition or something..haven’t they???

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You know that same company (Foxconn) also makes electronics for other companies such as Dell & HP? I’m not at all convinced Apple is solely responsible for these conditions, or that a boycott would result in an effective change.

China’s suicide per capita (14 per 100,000) is a bit higher than ours, true.

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LOL no way.

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I like mine. I use it primarily as a big iPod Touch—web browsing and such. It is much easier to read, and it’s far better platform for watching videos. AT&T’s 3G service can be had in monthly increments—no contract. It is fragile, and it’s too heavy to hold in one hand for very long. My opinion is that it is a nice toy, but not a must have.

I believe that we in the US should act to change the corporate culture here that, to make a few wealthy people wealthier, has cost millions of US workers their jobs, their retirement, their homes, and their futures before we undertake the reform of China’s corporations.

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Ratboy is rat on! Useful for all the reasons he states above but definitely not a must have (honestly, what Apple product is?). I was one of the first in line for the wi-fi version and sometimes wish I’d waited for 3G, but as all electronic toys do, my iPad has found its niche in my life as a kind of home laptop. My biggest complaint is the virtual keyboard. No good for writing long emails or documents, and though you can attach a real keyboard via bluetooth, in the time it takes to set that up you might as well use your desktop or regular laptop. Still, it’s a very cool device, especially with the leather cover from Spain I paid a week’s salary for. ;-)

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No first generation apple product is worth buying.

The second one that comes out 6 months later clears up any bugs and has a ton more features (hardware wise)

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Check out this link to a new survey called “How Happy Are iPad Users?

Pretty much gibes with my experience.

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I won mine randomly at a marketing conference in San Jose, but before that I had no desire to get an iPad. It angers me to no end how hard Steve Jobs and Apple push to control my web browsing from their device (i.e. no flash).

That said, I have enjoyed it since I got it, but still wouldn’t advise others to pay the high price tag to get one. If you have the money to spend on an iPad you might as well save a little longer and just get a macbook or one of the Android tablets coming out…

ICD Vega
Upcoming iPad Alternatives by Mashable

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IPad is only good for Web Browsing, you cant use it neither as labtop nor as mobile, people are impressed because its a new item in the market, but its not useful as they are describing

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I love my iPad. It makes a great reader, with an insanely long battery life. I typically use it for reading/marking up long .pdf’s surfing the web, and casual gaming. I don’t miss flash, and am thankful that the lack of flash is helping to push the industry into providing standards-compliant alternatives to their flash content. One novel use I’ve found is to use it to read/watch movies on my exercise bike that I’ve downloaded from the internet.

The cons are that it’s a bit heavy if you’re just holding it, walking around etc. It works great in bed, on the couch (and yes, even on the toilet), but would be cumbersome to cary around for more than a few minutes or so at a time in your hands. The onscreen keyboard is a bit awkward and should really only be used for brief text inputs here and there.

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Instead of an iPad, get a mini laptop like a Dell 10. It is a REAL computer with a conventional operation system and USB ports and a keyboard. And, it costs a lot less money.

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@Charles Imo mini laptops are the worst of both worlds. They aren’t as good for consuming content as a tablet: battery life, multi-touch touchscreens, security of the sandbox and they suck at doing things that you need a laptop’s features for compared to a real laptop, they’re underpowered, and they’re using interfaces designed for much larger screens so everything feels cramped. People are much better off using the right tool for the job. So if you’ve got to read a 150-page .pdf with lots of technical diagrams and images on a long flight, I would much rather be doing that on an iPad than a Dell 10. And if I need to create 3d models or do some coding, I’d much rather do that on a real laptop instead of a toy one like a Dell 10.

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