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Would adding another inline router really help with security on my small LAN?

Asked by nanocat (45points) April 29th, 2009

I think I remember the Security Now! guy saying it would but can’t be sure.

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It adds another layer of security assuming your router is configured accordingly.

What is your LAN setup like currently regarding security?

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Just the regular 2 PCs with a wireless router to the dsl. I have a storage server/router which I could connect two different ways. One being directly to the dsl then the other router right behind it with the two computers coming after. Or I could hook up my computer directly to my server / router and then connect that to the other router along with the other computer.

I know this sounds confusing even though it is the most basic LAN possible. I’m not sure which to call a node or a hub. It would end up with one having double protection and the other with only one router. Or in the other case both computers could have double protection.

I never could get the server (Linux) to work as a server. It has to be configured manually, but I can still use it as a router / hard drive with pretty lights flashing on it. haha. When I hook it up serially the network wizard configures it for me (pretty much anyway). I just give it or whatever. I just don’t like software firewalls.

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Make sure all computers have all the protection you can offer so put your router before both machines. Your wireless access point is going to be the first point of context for any hackers. Use the strongest possible encryption method your wireless access point/router supports (probably WPA2).

If you’re just putting a hub in there then that’s not doing anything for security.

If it’s a router, set up your passwords to include upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. This makes it difficult for automated password crackers.

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