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Can you keep up with more than one IM chat at a time?

Asked by SuperMouse (30788points) April 30th, 2009

I can’t. I just can’t do it. I get confused and send messages meant for one person to another person and before I know it all the conversations have gone off into the ditch.

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I do it quite often. But yeah, you DO have to watch who you send what, LOL.

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It gets easier after a week or so. you just have to go at it 2 at a time. and know where your mouse is. think about it, you say baby, i can’t wait to see you tonight, a message obviously meant for your significant other, to your best friend… that might get awkward. or they might play it off and expect to see you later that night… i dont know your best friend… :P All I’m saying is my girlfriend was pissed off later that night because I didn’t go and see her at work.

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@Kiev749 OOPS! hahahaaaaaaaa

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Sometimes I have a few and the chatroom open at the same time. I have dual monitors so it isn’t that bad.

And I post stuff in the wrong place all the time.

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Yes, personally I find it pretty easy. It’s hard when I’m in the chatroom though, and trying to have a conversation with my husband at the same time. I get easily distracted.

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I can do it, but I end up with a headache and didn’t really enjoy either exchange.

So, no.

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I do it all the time… mess them up on occasion too.

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Nope… can’t do it. I can barely even handle the chat room! I also can’t be on the phone at the same time.

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I think you have to be young. I’ve seen my son keep up with seven while doing something else. One is almost too many for me.

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I can do multiple IM conversations at once – it’s one IM and one real-life conversation that totally fries my brain. For some reason, I can’t switch back and forth between computer “talking” and real talking – I just get totally confused and sit there dumbfounded while people wait for me to answer…

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