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Would you consider yourself to be "screwed up"?

Asked by Facade (22899points) April 30th, 2009

Why or why not?

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beyond all hope.

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Not any more. Extensive therapy and the wisdom of maturity. (Well, maybe still a little screwed up.)

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Interesting question.

Absolutely yes.

However it makes me who I am and I am good with that.
~ Barbara Streisand will not get a nose job for fear of ruining her voice I refuse all therapy or my art will suffer!

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Yes, worse than some, not as bad as others.

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I think we all are

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I’m a little “screwed up” part of the time and “off balance” the rest of the time. Other than that, I’m happily abnormal.

As to why I’m this way, it could be anything from a chemical imbalance to multiple personalities to an obsession with banana peels or something in-between.

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Totally. More than some people, less than others.I think everyone is. I have weird anal things, bad patterns of behavior, multiple diagnoses of relatively mild mental things like depression and ADD, weird thoughts… but who doesn’t have issues?

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Yes. I am crazier than a sack of angeldust. All the fighting, drinking, drugging, fucking, and concussions have taken a toll on me.

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@chyna – perfect! Lurve!

Sure I am, in some ways. Who isn’t? It’s those that aren’t screwed up, that scare me!

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@cak Those that aren’t are liars or in denial… which is an issue in itself. :)

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I’m not any more screwed up than most people, it’s just that some folks are a lot better at hiding it from others. I didn’t truly realize this until I was in group therapy for a while.

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Yeah, I am pretty screwed up. I agree with everyone else that I am not nearly as screwed up as some people are, sometimes it feels like I am though.

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No and Yes. I’m feeling increasingly alone or at least in the minority of people who aren’t abused, damaged, addicted, medicated, infected, etc.

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I think of everyone EXCEPT myself as screwed up :)

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@Blondesjon good lord, man. Are you okay?

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It’s all a matter of degree. And as long as I am aware of my madnesses, it’s really not a problem, for me anyhow!

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@cak…Never better my long necked amigo. Never better. You?

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@Blondesjon nice cold beer next to me, I’m doing great!

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@cakmany nice cold beers in me. :)

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@Blondesjon good to hear. I’m on the one beer plan, tonight. I plan on that changing, tomorrow night!

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@cak Lets have at least 3 tomorrow together.

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@chyna I don’t think I’ve ever drunk Fluthered, before! I will be here. :)

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Just don’t pull a DaloonSan lol

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Drunken Fluthering? I’m in.

I used to be very screwed up. Not so much anymore. Therapy, drugs, and ending damaging relationships have helped immensely.

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I’ve never been more screwed than I am right now.

Oh. Screwed up. Yep, that too!

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@augustlan this should be fun!

@jonsblond oh boy!

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Drunk fluther party in the works for Friday night? Count me in too. :)

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@jonsblond yep. I don’t have to be anywhere the next morning. My foot and cast are really annoying me. I’m drinking. A lot. I might get in trouble…I can just see it now, but I’ll have fun!

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@cak I have a feeling that we all need a little fun. Hope you feel better!

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@jonsblond yes, I get the same feeling! Thanks, I’ll be fine – just a whiner, tonight.

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What’s happening in here? Y’all asleep yet?

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