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Why do I keep getting the "You have 1 invitation." notification on Windows Live Messenger?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) December 19th, 2009

This is what I mean by the “You have 1 invitation.” notification:

I have clicked on it and I’ve ignored the invitation but that notification keeps on coming even after I sign out of my MSN. When I sign back in I see that notification and when I click on it there’s no invite. Everytime I click on the [x] to close the notification but it just keeps on coming back even there is no invite.

So how do I fix this problem? I’ve tried repairing the msn messenger but it still won’t go away. What is going on with it? How do I fix it?

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You are a very important person!

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Because you have 1 invitation.

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@J0E I know I have 1 invitation and I have clicked and ignored the invitation but it keeps on coming but when I click on it there’s no invite at all.

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It might be to your Windows Live Network. Log onto Windows Live. Click on “People”. Go down to “Your Network”. Click on “View Invitations”. You should get all of the invitations you have there.

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@AnonymousGirl I did what you said but there’s no invitation after I go to “View Invitations”. It’s just blank.

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@xTheDreamer, that’s really strange. Perhaps the person who sent the invitation canceled it.

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@AnonymousGirl No, before when I got the invite I viewed it and ignored it but afterwords the “You have 1 invitation” kept on coming even after I have ignored the invite.

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@xTheDreamer That’s really strange. I guess the only thing to do is to just ignore it or contact someone about possible glitches if you can find a way to do so.

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@AnonymousGirl Yes, strange indeed. Yeah, will do so, thanks.

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Is a known bug, as per response given by Windows Live Messenger Technical Support, provided by the user in follwoing link.

A fix is planned, but no time frame for fix…. i have this problem too, will just be a waiting game until it is sorted it messenger live 2010 : /

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