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How can I improve my chances of getting a girlfriend?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) May 1st, 2009
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What are you hobbies? Whatever you enjoy, join a group and you may find someone with similar interests. You could do the online dating thing, I guess. When you’re out and about and meet someone that you’re interested, strike up a convo (it’s a good thing, unless you’re the type of person who wouldn’t be able to handle potential rejection). And, just act natural/be yourself around women – don’t try so damn hard – it’ll be obvious to others.

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Maybe I’m in a time warp, but doesn’t this question get asked, and removed, once a week?

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Be outgoing and meet lots of people. Pursue your other interests, and it will just happen.

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Put down the knife.

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I would go out more but I haven’t got much money I get asked to go out most weeks but I have to say no mostly.

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Just be yourself, don’t be desperate, don’t make your world revolve around finding a girlfriend, or else you start giving off a desperate vibe which is completely unattractive. Be comfortable with your life and your hobbies and interests, love yourself, and you will find it much easier to connect with all sorts of people, romantically inclined ones included.

There are plenty of thrifty ways to have dates. A picnic in the park, for example, is a grand cost of two sandwiches and using a blanket you already own. There are likely cheap events around your town that you two can attend. I’m sure you’d get more interesting suggestions if you ask a question about inexpensive date ideas here.

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Meet your right hand.

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Good personal hygiene and wearing clean clothes every day certainly wouldn’t hurt.

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@Myndecho: “Be outgoing” doesn’t mean “go out to expensive places.”

When you’re asked out, say, “Sure, but I don’t have a lot of money at the moment – can we go somewhere cheap or free?” There are dozens of cool things to do that don’t cost money.

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I agree with @dynamicduo: Just be yourself. Try to be a good listener. And in my opinion girls love to hear anecdotes.

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Find a happy medium between arrogance and desperation, cleanliness and too much cologne, obnoxious behavior and being passive, too revealing and not letting anyone in, etc. I think when we get nervous we fall to one end of the spectrum or the other. Relax, and I know people say “be yourself” a lot, but it’s a sure fire way to be vulnerable without being pathetic and outgoing without being overpowering. Don’t think about what to say to impress a woman- at all. Think of what you would say if she was just some dude, but a pretty dude who deserves respect.

Where to look- local concerts in small venues, the library, church?, volunteer location, anywhere you shop, book stores, coffee shops, etc. I think the best chances for exposure is a small establishment with a friendly atmosphere.

Also, as mentioned above by several gentle viewers, it will come naturally if you don’t “hunt” for a mate.

I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Do what makes you comfortable. And just don’t take advice from this guy.

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Or you could do what I did… I found my husband on Friendster back in the day! Hahaha, isn’t that hilarious?

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@ubersiren Holy crap! Where did you ever find that guy’s site? It must be a joke. Lol!

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Read How to Succeed With Women by Louis & Copeland and do about 10% of what the book says. It should be required reading.

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You have to ask girls out? (Thats sounds really sarcastic and I dont mean it to be, but many people seem to overlook that fact)

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Treat everyone equal and you will have no enemies.
Be true to yourself and your values.
Speak the truth and be fair with everyone you meet.

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Don’t try, it usually comes across as desperate or creepy. Be yourself and try to find places where you would meet like-minded people. I like nerdy girls so when I moved up here I volunteered at a place that recycles computers for people in need. I have met some cool girls working there.

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Don’t be afraid to talk to girls. All kinds of girls, don’t limit yourself to one specific type. Just make sure you aren’t too persistent if she’s not into you. Also, if you have any friends that are girls, maybe you can ask them for advice. They would know you better than people on the internet and can give you personalized pointers. Or, you never know, they probably have single friends :).

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I agree with @benjaminlevi. I know it is scary. Here is a suggestion. Make a game out of it. When you see a lady you like the looks of introduce yourself, be friendly and ask her out. Don’t think about just do it. Every moment is a bad time, so what does it matter. You are asking a question that takes 3 seconds to answer.

Work toward a goal. If you get shot down lets say ten times, reward yourself somehow. Make it something good like a new play station 3.

That way you aren’t expecting anything but a “no”. I bet you will find it more difficult to reach your goal than you think.

Keep an open mind on who you ask though. Ask a variety of girls not just the super-model hotties. Typically they are just hoping for somebody to ask them out so they can shoot you down. It build their confidence. lol.

Seriously, as horrible as this sounds it really is a great communication starting tactic. Before you know it, your game is shot to hell because you can’t get them to act accordingly. lol.

One last thing, get their number; do not give them yours. They will never use it.

Good luck

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spresto is right. Girls like to be asked out, it’s flattering.

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Lower your standards.

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How can I improve my chances of getting a girlfriend?

Can you lick your eyebrows?

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@boffin I can lick the tip of my nose, will girls like that? Maybe I should bring it up in conversation more.

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My on my main problems is I’m insecure about my looks, I think I’m ugly what I try to ignore.

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If you’re free of BO and halitosis you’ve overcome the first hurdle. It doesn’t matter what else you’ve got going for you if you smell bad.

It’s true.

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Your looks are secondary to what you think, or more importantly what you believe about yourself-woman respond to your expectations. I have in my life met a number of ugly dudes that were perceived very favorably amongst the ladies to the point I was pulling my hair out wondering, how. What you think and feel about yourself is the determining factor. Mind you, however, you can’t be a filthy stink’in crack head; there are some prerequisites.

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I’d have to have a connection with a girl if I was to ask her out, I want to start dating before we go out, if I want to take it that far.

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Just to say I’m not looking I know that’s bad it’s just I don’t get any attention off girls so it’s hard to start dating, I need to get signals to go further, so if I smile at them and they smile back, maybe I could talk to them and they could talk back, then if she touches me I know it’s ok for me to touch her and so on.

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Get a job that you make lots of money at

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stop believing it’s a game of chance

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