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Do doctors get excited when they see a lovely specimen?

Asked by casheroo (18106points) May 1st, 2009

So, while at the dentist last night, they kept commenting on my great brushing skills..which of course made me feel proud of my teeth. (I usually get a ton of cavities and I’ve tried very hard to take better care of them!)
When I went home, I asked my husband if he thinks dentists get…excited…when they see great teeth. Not just dentists, but any doctor for that matter, I just cannot think of any other examples. Possibly a gynecologist examining a perfect cervix/uterus, or a surgeon doing exploratory surgery and seeing uhh nice organs?
I don’t mean turned onto the patient in a sexual manner, I am talking about excited to be experiencing something in their speciality that is perfect.
This was also prompted because of shows like Dr. 90210, where they do plastic surgery and always make comments after breast implants similar to, “Look at those magnificent breast!” Doesn’t seem appropriate, but it is their specialty…

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I get excited when I see pretty code.

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I think it goes for scientists too….or anyone with passion in that field.
I think it’s cool when people are really into their work and get excited!

My dad (a doc) and I both got excited when I came home from India with scabies. It’s something neither of us saw that much. He took a skin sample from me (still have the scar on my hand) and I found some mites under the microscope! Indian bugs!

If you think that’s odd, you should see him at the “Human Body” exhibit in the museum. If he got any closer examining the preserved bodies, he’d be touching them.

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My pediatrician used to seem pretty happy when he said he’d never seen anyone healthier. I expect that most doctors love to see healthy people.

I don’t think of cosmetic plastic surgeons as healthy specimens of doctors, however.

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I get excited when I see random computer parts….
And really vibrant pigments.

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It that considered professional for a gyneocologist?

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@spresto: It’s not unprofessional to have a thought in your head that leads to nothing. If he’s breathing heavy at your lady parts, you kick. Otherwise, who the hell is even gonna know?

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@spresto I’ve had gynos comment on my uterus and cervix before, usually about how unusual of a location they are at. I didn’t think it was unprofessional, just that they were letting me know. If they told me I had a perfect uterus, I wouldn’t take it as inappropriate either. After I gave birth, my OB told me I had such a “clean” labor. Didn’t mean anything to me, but he felt the need to tell me it was cleaner than usual. haha.
I’d most definitely kick someone if I felt they were doing something inappropriate.

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My specimens go straight to the lab. My Dr usally seems to be disappointed about them.

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I get excited when i get a case that really makes me think and stretches my limits… i get excited when i don’t get the same old thing EVERY SINGLE DAY… The only “Specimen” that really got me excited i’ve only seen outside a clinical setting… and i’m going to marry her next year :)

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I’m a computer programmer and I get excited when I see well formed, readable, pretty code, and when I get to take on ambitious new projects, possibly in areas that I’ve never worked in before. I mostly work with web development, where bad code is rampant, so seeing a good specimen is exciting. :)

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Drs. get excited if it is thier work that is exceptional. Some get more excited for some thing that needs work and they consider it a challenge to correct. Good food excites me!

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It’s not just doctors. Most people are proud when they finish an exceptional job.

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I worked on a project for a while doing electrophysiology the flow of ions from neurons in a dish using a glass electrode one micron thick. The hardest part is getting the electrode to pierce the cell membrane without destroying the membrane—if you do that, the cell just flops over and dies.

The trick was finding the right cell. Good cells have really healthy, shiny, smooth membranes and pop up off the dish at just the right angle. I spent many, many hours searching for just the right cell—and you can bet I got excited when I found it.

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Poor @galileogirl. I expect any professional worth their salt gets excited about her/his profession. I know I do.

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I get pretty excited about my specimens in the morning…
until I have to say goodby and pull the lever…

also I’m not a doctor I just play one on Fluther

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I must admit that various surgeons have been very proud of their work on my husband (they should be – he actually died once on the operating table and several times was given only a 10% chance of surviving various problems). I still remember how gleeful the one heart surgeon was way back when they first started using SuperGlue on incisions. He loved the way my husband’s scar turned out.

And my foot doctor really gets excited when he looks at the scar where he did the bunionectomy on my right foot. He tries not to spend as much time looking at the left because my son hit me after surgery and broke the metatarsal where the screws were, and two additional operations couldn’t fix it.

I would hope that doctors get excited about what they are doing. That means they will do a better job.

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I think they get excited when they see something really great in their field, like @casheroo ‘s great teeth, but I think some of them get really excited when they see something really unusual like a humongous growth or a really gross infection. I had a bad infection in a surgery wound one time and I thought the surgeon was going to pee he was so excited about it. Not excited like he was glad I was sick, but excited that this was something different and he wanted to mess with it.

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@knitfroggy lol, too funny that he got excited over your infection. As long as I get taken care of, I don’t care if they call in a whole bunch of people haha.
I actually have weird teeth, my canine is where my molar should be. Dentists love it, and always poke around i, and comment on it. I didn’t think it was that rare..

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@casheroo He was pretty fresh out of medical school which was a little scary He got to do surgery on me a couple times because of that damned infection. It was a really small hospital that I was in, so I was like a rockstar with my weird infection. I know what you mean about having other people coming to look-I swear they had the janitor looking at me! lol

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Being a writer is not my job, but I wish it were. I read a lot. Whenever I happen upon an exceptionally well written sentence, I am positively gleeful. It doesn’t have to be perfect in a grammatical sense, either… a nice turn of phrase will do it for me, too.

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I have been avoiding my chiropractor for as long as possible, but it finally became intolerable. I was very reluctant to go because of money and debts accumulated with her office; her son was close to my son, and she always wants to know everything in my life. I was expecting the worst since my back felt like it was stabbed with a tuning fork. She is an excellent, honest and experienced practitioner, and I didn’t know what to expect. She said my back was in surprisingly good shape. I said it was because of your adjustments from two years ago that held up so well-she really enjoyed hearing that.

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They want to know a lot about your life because things in your life can effect your condition, even things you would never suspect.

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Yep, that’s true, but we are part of the same community, kids same age-we both use to drop off and pick up our kids from each others house. Now they don’t see each other anymore, so she is naturally curious about everything he and we are doing. I just don’t like the, “Who is Cal going to prom with?” Where is he going to college?, Where is he going to work this summer? Alex is going to blah blah it’s the best music school in the country , blah, blah, blah. When I am in pain I am a crumudgen, and I don’t want personal talk.
As to getting at associated stresses that could be inducing back problems you are exactly right; she is obligated to dig out any psychosomatic or physical causes,

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It is common to talk about unrelated matter of a personal nature to take your mind off the pain, at least a little.

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