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How quickly can I get a passport in Seattle for my son?

Asked by Anonymous_name (10points) December 1st, 2006
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there are a couple ways..
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Seattle should have a passport station where they'll do them in-house
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or, you can pay the rush fee and it'll take a couple weeks to send it from one of your local post offices
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should have all the information for Seattle. It looks like the turn-around time is up to 14 days if you have a scheduled trip set already. Also, you must make an appointment so it's probably not a great idea to just show up.
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you can download the forms online.. and if you have AAA, they'll either take the passport pictures for free or give you a discount.
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There are special passport places that will do a rush job on the passport for you--I think it costs an extra $60 or so. They tend to be in the mail shops--the places that will package things for you for a bit extra.

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