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What is the worst single way to lose in sports?

Asked by simone54 (7624points) May 3rd, 2009

Today, in Baseball, the Mets lost to my Phillies by walking in the winning run.

I think that is a horrible way to lose, what are some other real bad ways to lose in any sport?

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I think a hit batter with the bases loaded would be worse, and a balk with the bases loaded would be even worse.

How about a sudden-death penalty kick session in soccer, in which the goalie trips and falls on his way to a save-able ball?

There was that marathoner at the Olympics a while back that was attacked from some nutcase in the crowd as he was in the lead and a couple miles to the finish, and ended up something like 10th.

Overtime in football, first possession, the team that wins the coin toss returns the kickoff for a TD. Great way to win, terrible way to lose.

Being disqualified in swimming for a false start after winning the race by a comfortable margin.

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Ummm 18–1?

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Disqualification sucks for both sides. When the opposition is disqualified, I don’t even want the award.

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Via a huuuuuuuuuuge margin. Not only does that show that you were not even close in quality, but it’s a bit of a black mark on the other team for not demonstrating sportsmanship and keeping their margin to a reasonable amount.

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This comes to mind.

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By the bad call by a ref in the closing seconds of the game. The Immaculate Reception comes to mind. No way that ball didn’t hit the ground.

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To be on a team and the other members of that team don’t give a crap about playing well or even trying. THAT sucks.

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Forfeits because of one team lacks enough players are bad. Other reasons to forfeit are a bad way to lose too.

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Buzzard beater….A team can play their ass off and fight to stay in the game but when they get beat by a last second 3 pointer or a long hail mary play thats just devestating

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