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Has anyone under the age of 21 been arrested for being drunk?

Asked by emmy23 (256points) May 4th, 2009

I was at a party a couple nights ago. Im 17 and I got arrested for being drunk. Im pretty scared because I dont no what they are going to do to me when I go to court. Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect?

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this was back in the day. ‘99. but i was going to michigan state university so the university appointed a lawyer for me through the student union and it was pretty much a formality, there were so many similar cases. the lawyer knocked it down to a lesser charge because it was my first conviction and it think it was termed “alcohol in the stadium.” a few fines and i went to an alcohol class a few times. i’m 28 now and it hasn’t been a problem getting a job or educationally since. very tough at the time though. good luck.

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This happened to a neighbor of mine, but she was just at a party where alcohol was served..I’m not ever sure if she was drinking. We have strict laws on that sort of thing in my state. She couldn’t drive for a couple years, had community service, and fines.

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three times

Depends on your state. Ir you were over 18 it wouldn’t be a big deal. Pay a fine and it is over. Since you are 17 that might complicate things. Do your parents know? They wont toss you in jail but you might need to go to some classes about drug abuse.

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In California, your license to drive would be taken away until you turn 18, and your insurance rate would go through the roof. There is also a fine involved. There are different penalties in each state

You should get a lawyer to protect your rights.

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You know what they make you do in county? Toss the salad!

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Ay… I learned (at 17) that you can’t go to court without your parent in NY at least. It was for a trespassing ticket & they made me go home and come back with my mom.

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Did they take a blood test/ can they prove you were drunk? Get a lawyer no matter what.

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