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How can I get a toner body fast ?

Asked by kayysamm (435points) May 4th, 2009

Yeah, I run here and there and I do some workouts but I know not nearly enough as I should.

Does anyone have any good ideas for me to regain my toner shape and figure? I used to be really infit but after I stopped sports, it went away.

I just a toner stomach area, legs and arms. Any ideas ?

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Or, use free weights, low weights, high repetition.

Also, infit?

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I have the feeling I’m telling you things you probably already know, but since you asked…

1. Get rid of the “fast” mind-set. Since you’ve been a sportsperson in good shape before, I’m going to assume you know it will take time and effort to do it right. Looking for shortcuts will only waste your time.
2. If you’re interested in strength and muscle growth, lift weights. And by weights, I mean free weights or your own body weight.
Machines tend to enable only isolation exercises, training only one muscle at a time. Compound exercises – training multiple muscles in one movement – are more efficient and better for coordination, and ensure your muscles are well adapted to each other.
Do squats for the legs, push ups / bench presses and pull ups for the arms. There are various ways to exercise the abs, like sit ups, leg lifts, planks and crunches. Look them up, give them a try.
For muscle mass and endurance, use light weights and high reps. For strength, use low reps and heavy weights.
3. Eat lots of protein (like meat, eggs and fish).
4. If you’re interested in having a purdy “six pack”, losing body fat is more important than gaining muscle there. It’s easier to get strong abs than to get them to show. Continue running and eat right. (Don’t bother trying to target the body fat in specific areas, that’s impossible.)

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Make your life revolve around working out. Do it for as much time as you can possibly do it for. Make sure you are eating what your body wants, protein and lots of water. There’s no easy solution and there’s no way to “tone” certain areas of your body. Just ramp up your workout level to huge amounts and your body will change appropriately.

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More sex. Less hamburgers.

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Besides working out ( which obviously gives you the best results) try to end your shower with cold water!! This really helps me.

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Power Plate won’t help you burn more calories but it WILL help you tone faster.

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cardio at least 30 minutes a day running mostly, get your heart rate at a good rate and work on all the main parts of your body you want toned

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I recently got a 4 pound hula hoop. It’s fun and it seems to be toning. oh & if you can get to a swimming pool, treading water and laps are so good for you!

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Eat less
Exercise more
I am a firm believer that it is more about total caloric intake and burn than anything else. Sure eating right or specific exercises may have some additional marginal gains the overall process though still remains the same.
Burn more calories than you take in

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Forrest Yoga

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I suppose the “burn more than you eat” view is not entirely without merit, but it’s rather simplistic. The body isn’t just a bucket that you put calories into and take calories out of. It’s a complex machine that is well adapted to managing its resources in the most efficient way possible.
It matters a lot when you eat and how much at a time. When for example you eat nothing at all until dinner, your metabolism will adapt to the lack of food it by slowing down and trying to conserve the energy it has, leaving you unenergetic. When you then start eating again, your body will try to store more energy, still stuck in the “food is scarce” setting.
This is why breakfast is called the most important meal of the day. It gets your metabolism started so you can wake up properly.

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Furthermore – and I should probably have said this earlier – “toning” is a horribly vague term. You should properly define what you want to achieve.

Muscle growth? Fat loss? More strength, more endurance, a stronger heart?

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Seems like you know the answer, @kayysamm.

& check out the book that @Judi recommended on that thread. I haven’t read it, but it got great reviews.

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Mostly it’s mind over matter. It’s not an easy thing to deny yourself something you want. The first couple days are the hardest. Once you are used to the new diet & your stomach has shrunk, it’s way easier- i promise!

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You did not mention diet. Couple your exercise with balanced diet, also get enough sleep. Pay attention to your mood too, and how you feel good, not just how you look like.

:) Good luck

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wow that was a little mean! sorry.

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Wow. Grow up, Nicole.

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