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Baseball stats...whats good?

Asked by bright_eyes00 (1343points) May 4th, 2009

Whats a good ERA for pitchers? Batting average?

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The goal is to have an ERA as close to 0 as possible. Anything under 1 is fantastic, under 2 is great, under 3 is good, under 4 is acceptable, etc. A batting average over .300 is usually considered good.

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What Ivan said.
Depends on the context and league as well.

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To build on what Ivan and Lefteh said, typically you will see higher ERAs among American League pitchers because they don’t have the luxury of facing a pitcher every 9 batters, instead facing a designated hitter that usually bat fairly well, taxing the pitcher more.

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Pitchers are also held to lower batting standards than other position players because it is understood that they must focus on their pitching skills rather than their batting. For example, a .200 batting average would be considered quite good for a pitcher, while if a player of another position had a .200 it would be considered mediocre.

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Good: Zack Greinke
Bad: Chien-Ming Wang

Good: Kevin Youkilis
Bad: David Ortiz

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@simone54 Kevin Youkilis is my favorite player for the Red Sox! You get uber brownie points for bringing him up :)

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@bright_eyes00 Ehhh, he’s the MLB Leader, is all. I hate Boston.

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Theres something about Youkilis’s face that makes me want to hit him with a bat until he stops moving.

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There’s something about Youkilis that just makes me want to have a beer with him.

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@PrancingUrchin Is that what we do when we have a man-crush?

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@simone54 I suppose. But it definitely isn’t my only man-crush on the team. It’s just something my girlfriend has to deal with. :)

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Anything the Toronto Blue Jays are doing.
Look at them and try and duplicate it.

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