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How long does it take in the average till a question is answered on

Asked by berlin (14points) May 5th, 2009
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Like, two seconds. Sometimes up to an hour, depending on time of day or activity.

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Si si, moments.

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welcome to fluther, is there something you need to know?

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We’re to help you, and junk.

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Until a question has a reply, or until a question is answered?

Most questions seem to have replies within 1–2 minutes, and generic questions are generally fully answered to the best of anyones ability within 10–20 minutes. More complex questions may go on for several hours or days until there is some sort of conclusion, and there are some discussion questions from weeks ago that are still getting replies.

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@asmonet Love you too honey.

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On average? Well, the Fluther admins could run a tool to determine the exact value. It’s all in the web log files.

Web log analysis software (also called a web log analyzer) is a simple kind of Web analytics software that parses a log file from a web server, and based on the values contained in the log file, derives indicators about who, when, and how a web server is visited. Usually reports are generated from the log files immediately, but the log files can alternatively be parsed to a database and reports generated on demand.

There’s lots of free open source stuff.

My estimate for an average? About 20 seconds.

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Depends on your question, what type of answer you’re looking for, and what type of comment you consider to be an answer. You’ll get an array of comments minutes after posting, usually, unless it’s a strange or hard to answer topic.

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Overly specific or overly general questions—in other words, questions that are not interesting to any of the regular respondents and questions that can be easily googled—tend to remain unanswered for a long time. Also, if you ask a question that’s closely related to topics that have been done to death recently, people are likely to pass over it rather than respond.

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As long as the hands on a clock move for you.

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