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How do I write a cover letter?

Asked by mistic84 (274points) December 14th, 2010

I want to apply for this assistant marketing position requiring all the usual stuff (tracking campaigns, planning events, etc.). The problem is I’ve only been at my last 2 jobs for 6 or 7 months.

One of the companies eventually closed. I read the writing on the wall and decided to leave before closed. I was working at the job I have now at the same time as the previous job, but there is no growth here and I want to leave.

Both these jobs were stop gaps for the career path I am trying to find.

How do I write this cover letter to say I have a very diverse background and not seem like I’m unreliable?

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I started off the same way. You have two options… be honest or bs it and creatively turn the two jobs into one.
I must admit that in my day/age/place that that telling the truth was possibly an advantage but.
Being economical with the truth seems the way to go now. Maybe you stand more of a chance by merging your previous job into the current one? even if your potential employer calls your current one, I would bet 2/1 they wont mention or realise the slight error in the dates.

format. Dear sir/madam etc,
would you please consider me for the position of blah
I am blah
I have done blah
I would be ‘orgasmic’ (open to interpretation) if you would grant me an interview
Yours sincerely Mistic blah

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Don’t lie. If they catch you in the lie, they won’t hire you.

If you were the one doing the hiring, would you hire the person that lied to you, or the person that told the truth? Assuming everything else is equal.

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well you just got the Yin and Yang. Your choice.

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Agree with everyone who advised you to be honest. If you have the experience the company is seeking, the rest probably won’t matter.

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Make it into a positive—you are always looking to advance, and don’t want to be unemployed, so you left the first place before it crashed and you are now looking for more challenging opportunities that fit your interests and skills better.

Also, I’m assuming you’re in the Gen X or Y or whatever it is, and kids from those groups change jobs all the time. Recruiters expect it. Or at least are not surprised about it. But don’t worry. If you phrase it right, they will see an aggressive go-getter and that will be good for you.

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Fortunately, when I was writing my Cover Letter, I found this page:
As far as I am a teacher, I got a lot of interesting info here. Now I know how to be humble enough and to represent all my positive features at the same time.
You can use an online builder. The text will be ready in two minutes.

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