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Electrical breaker box is buzzing-why??

Asked by mefergit (2points) December 17th, 2007

In my new(old) house, someone put an additional breaker box in the hallway. When I plug in the iron in one of the bedrooms, this breaker box buzzes like crazy. Obviously the “circuit” is overloaded I guess, but how do I fix this problem? Can I upgrade the breaker with a bigger one or what? ANY help MUCH appreciated!

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No! Do not upgrade the breaker. The wire must also be upgraded if you do. Try plugging it in a different room. Is the problem still there?

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Yes. For some reason this breaker box works on only one side of my house- in two of the bedrooms and the living room. The other bedroom and a side of the living room are on the outside breakers. The kitchen has had new circuits added and is also outside.
It just seems dangerous to me to have a circuit overloaded like this. This house was built in 1954, and all the wiring is original-horrors! I just had the kitchen redone, thus the reason they needed to add three new circuits, so that area is a-ok. But to simply plug in an iron and have this buzzing breaker really scares me. What do you recommend?

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Is it a 15 or 20 amp breaker? What brand is the breaker and panel? How many rooms does that one breaker control?

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purely an unprofessional opinion here. I’m guessing your breaker box is struggling to trip that breaker. With the iron running, if you were to plug a microwave or some other hi watt gadget, I’d bet your breaker would trip.

If you can afford it, consult with a professional electrician.

No offense intended, but this sort of question, hahahahaha… I would not rely on a bunch of net kooks like us.

household electrical issues are major.

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Im a union electrician

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The breaker controls two bedrooms. It is a 15 amp, but don’t see any markings with any brand name. Appreciate your help!

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The first step I would take would be to change the breaker. It sounds like its bad. You need the same size and brand. If you do not know how to change it, call a licensed electrician. Let me know what happens. Good luck

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