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Do you like to dance? Do you ever dance to choreography or just freestyle?

Asked by Dansedescygnes (2881points) May 6th, 2009

I love to dance, both to choreography and freestyle. For freestyle, I love going to dances and/or parties and just gettin’ retarded.

As for choreography, I find dancing to choreography to be a special kind of exciting that I don’t get to experience that often, but when the opportunity comes up (like the fashion show or the dance team show) then I seize it. I wish I had signed up for some kind of dance class (like hip hop or dancing to pop music); that would’ve been so much fun.

What kind of music do you like to dance to? I love hip-hop dance and I love musical/jazz dance and of course, Eurodance. I’ve never really danced to classical, but I would love to, especially 17th century dance music.

And of course I love watching all kinds of dance, including ballet.

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Love to dance. I do structured improvisation to live, improvised music. Sometimes I do the music for the dancers, which is way cool, too.

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Sadly, my dancing style closely resembles Elaine Benes’.

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I love dancing when I get really excited and or happy about something before I realize what Im doing Im shaking my ass. Done it since I was little freestyle of course

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I can’t dance, when sober I don’t dance, I feel very unconfortable when I dance, I have no desire to dance. I do not like to dance.

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I am the exact same as you petethepothead with one exception being if E was involved in the night. If thats the case, i will dance all night long.

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@petethepothead @uberbatman

Oh come on, you don’t need drugs to dance!

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Letting me dance is tantamount to letting small children play with a blow torch. I am the archetype for ‘white boys have no rhythm’ and if anyone catches me dancing, you are forewarned that it is one of the first signs of Armeggedon.

When it comes to music, I couldn’t carry a tune if it was on a stretcher and two paramedics were helping me. When I sing in the shower, birds have been known to try and close the windows from the outside.

I’ll just sit in the corner and do bongs with pete and we’ll laugh at all the people dancing.

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@Dansedescygnes oh yes i do. I really do hate dancing. But under the influence of MDMA well, one doenst really have a choice whether or not they want to dance. If there’s music playing, they’re dancing lol.

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Well, that is pretty funny; it’s better than not dancing…lol

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@Dansedescygnes agreed. I do enjoy dancing while under the influence of it, but that is the only substance IME that ever puts me in that mindset.But even then, im with evelyns pet zebra, white boy with no rhythm at all. Im just at the point that i no longer care lol

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EVERYONE SHOULD DANCE BAD OR NOT! It just makes you feel good!
I bet uberbatman and petethepothead have some moves like we have never seen before! They probably dance all the time at home they are just being modest :)

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Dancing is fun, no matter talent (though maybe not as fun to watch! But that’s not what matters) Myself, I do belly dance, which is conveniently able to go with almost any kind of music (including classical music—I mean it, any). When performing, I’ve got to choreograph; somehow, whenever I’m in front of people all the moves I know go right out of my head. But in my room, I’ll just wiggle around as I please!

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I was a square dancer for many years, including competition dance. I really enjoyed it, but eventually moved on to other things.

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@sjmc1989 actually no. I seriously dont dance at all even at home/alone unless like i said above :P

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@jonsblond oh shit… thats exactly how i dance on E lol

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@jonsblond I LURVE YOU for reminding me of that clip. When I first saw that I would think of it periodically through the day and bust out in uncontrolable laughter. I dance like that sometimes to but only when Im all Hyped up on Mountain Dew

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If I tried to dance alone in my room with the door locked and the curtains drawn and the lights out I would feel foolish. Dancing just doesn’t work for me.

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i get all b-boy every once in a while.

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it’s one of my favorite things to do – perhaps it’s because music rocks me to my core
mostly freestyle, although I’ve always dreamt of taking ballroom dance lessons…

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Watching me dance is about like watching a train wreck. See, the thing is, for some reason, I TRY to hip hop dance. And the thing is…I’m white, very, very white and inherited no rhythm at all. I usually reserve the moves for when I’m home alone, for everybody’s benefit/safety.

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You people are so judgmental. You don’t have to be good. You just have to do what you feel like. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about your dancing. That boy in the video was great! That was such an interesting movement.

Of course, you’re gonna get all self-conscious if you are doing some kind of couple dancing, and everyone is competing to look the coolest. But that kind of dancing is ridiculous. Lay back, have fun, and don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks.

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I love to dance, though I’m terrible at it. A friend and I went to a club once just to see who could dance more ridiculously. It was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had. I was actually on the dance squad when I was in middle school. I think I’m better with choreography… I need that direction or else I just flail about.

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All of you dance-friendly people need to realize that allowing white boys with no rhythm to dance is why YouTube was invented in the first place. In a world where cameras are everywhere, can you imagine the shame of petethepothead or myself were we to find ourselves surreptitiously filmed without our permission and then to accidentally discover ourselves the subject of the the single digit IQ comment leaving trolls on YouTube? Oh the shame and humiliation.

I expressly forbid myself to dance ANYWHERE just for this reason.

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Shame? ... I say pride. Pride that I’m not ashamed. Just let it rip.

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Michael Scott and his crew did tonight on The Office and it was hilarious!

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@mcbealer I just finished watching it. Angela actually tapped her foot! :D

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I’ve been dancing for 12 years (Mostly Ballet and Jazz), I’m not a professional, but it is something I really love to do. I love to choreograph when I feel inspired, but I find the process difficult. Freestyle and Improv are great too, I love going out dancing with friends.

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Yes, I dance. I choreograph. I am fascinated by different dance styles, from tai chi to tango (just started learning that one) to improv. Improvising in movement s one of the most direct and honest ways one can get to know someone. =)

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love freestyling!!
it’s so free, you can do what you want. it’s like sometimes i day dream of just coming up with my own moves lol.
yeahhh i’m a hip-hop dancer also, and it just gives you a breath of fresh air and spirit.

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