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Poison Ivy, What is the fastest way to get rid of it?

Asked by IBERnineD (7319points) May 6th, 2009

To make a long story short I got poison ivy on my butt, after a stupid decision. Really not a big deal, but having the top of my butt itch insanely during finals is not what I consider a good time. So if you have any remedies that are proven fast ways of getting rid of this itch, I am all ears. And yes laugh away the situation is hilarious.

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Naturally, showering is very important, then apply a topical anesthetic which you can purchase at your local pharmacy.

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Take 3–5 short showers a day as hot as you can stand it, directing water to itchy areas. You will feel the itch intensify and then subside as the heat diminishes the histamines which cause the swelling and tissue damage. If you do this early enough, the skin will never swell and thus won’t become damaged in the first place. Works like a charm for me but it’s best to catch it early.

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Contact dermatitis from poison ivy is an inflammatory reaction. A topical ointment that contains a steroid such as 1% hydrocortisone will help (you can buy this over the counter at the local pharmacy). If it is severe enough, and will disrupt your exams, you can request a prescription of oral steroids from your doctor or student health clinic. Also, going to the doctor will help. Some people mistake chicken pox or herpes zoster (shingles) for poison ivy, and the stress of finals might have weakened your immune system enough to give you shingles. Good luck.

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Oh, that is funny. You’re probably not laughing now, but you will someday!

I hope you find relief. :)

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We don’t have poison ivy here on the left coast, but we do have poison oak. Fortunately I am not allergic but my best buddy is. He swears by flaxseed oil. He told me that he just rubs it on the infected spot and the itching subsides. I would think that if this helps with poison oak it would likely help with poison ivy as well.
I wish you and your butt good luck.

3 <—your itchy, swollen butt

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I use Roundup herbicide and Ortho Triox. The cocktail starts working in hours.

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@augustlan I am laughing well not particularly today, because I have a two hour math final, but yesterday I was totally laughing. :) I’m just glad I figured out what it was! When it first started to pop up I thought it was just bug bites, only 2 or 3 bumps showed up, so I put this Afterbite stuff my friend gave me on, well Afterbite is basically ammonia, so I was screaming.
Oh and @AstroChuck my butt and I thank you!

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I used a bag of ice to take the itch away, and in a day the poison ivy was gone. I am a scientific person, but I have no clue why it works so well. Let it sit until it gets numb, but not so long to were it becomes painful. Take ice off when you start feeling alittle solid pain and reapply when the itch starts coming back…..It being on, really sucks.

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This is your one chance to use the Bat-Signal to get rid of ivy once and for all.
AS for a real cure Calamine lotion should help, might smell a bit but at least you wont itch

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Do you have a legitimate explanation for why you got poison ivy on your buttocks? I’ve seem multiple cases of herpes zoster (shingles, or chicken pox reactivation) in that area that the patients attributed to a poison ivy/oak exposure. The lesions can look very much the same, but the treatments are clearly different.

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@shilolo I’m thinking sex in the woods. ;)

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Haha, no sex in the woods. I was playing volleyball with friends and there is a creek near by and the first time I decide to pee outdoors, mind you it was night, I lean on a tree with my pants down. Tada I’m an idiot! :)

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I love naked volleyball.

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I don’t if this is the result! :(

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so your saying u wiped with it???

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Hi im thirteen and I have poison ivy all over my face and I WANT IT GONE! I am highly elergic to it and my benidril is not helping much can someone help me do they know a quick way to get it GONE? I really need some help!

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@kayla13 Note my answer here. If it is on your face, have your parents take you to the doctor so that you can get a prescription of oral steroids.

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