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What is the most effective cough medicine or remedy you have come across?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25280points) June 20th, 2010

I have a really horrible dry cough that is not only causing me a great deal of pain but is also keeping me awake at night. What medicines or remedies have you found to work the best?

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Hot lemon and ginger with honey.

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Honey and lemon is very good. Soothes a sore throat almost immediately.

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A cup of hot water with honey, ginger and lemon, sipped slowly. If alcohol is acceptable to you, add some whisky or brandy just before bedtime.

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Oil of Oregano capsules are good for stopping colds altogether if you take them regular. Not to be confused with the herb.
Google it for more info.
Whisky is good in the short term as already said-:)

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Tussi-Organidin. Our pediatrician used to call it “the magic elixir.” My GP now prescribes it over the phone for us, without having to go in. Tastes nasty, works great.

If you have a dry cough, you will probably want to see a doctor, as you may develop bronchitis.

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I didn’t believe it when my friend told me but, if you rub Vick’s Vaporub on the bottom of your feet and put on socks it really helps. I don’t know why or how, but it does. My grandma used to give us a spoonful of honey. That really works if it’s a dry, hacky, non productive cough. Hope you feel better soon!

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You have to make an onion tee. It sounds disgusting, but it isn’t. It’s made of only the dry peal of the regular red onion. (not purple) just cook those dry outer shells (from 2–3 onions) for about 5 mins. Then the water will be dark brown. When it’s still hot, put honey, and fresh lemon juice in it. Taste it as you like. (the more the better) Drink it the whole day thru, but this should be the last thing you drink before you go to sleep. By the next day the pain is gone. (old Hungarian remedy)

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Another vote for Tussi. Plus it puts you to sleep.

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Manning up and waiting for it to pass is the most effective solution I find with coughs.

(only because nothing else works for me).

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Personally, I have shown Arisztid that if you mix honey with cinnamon, it will stop a cough.

He had bronchitis this last winter, and regular cough medicine has the problem of a time restraint (only take every 4 hours, usually). That did not help him well enough, he would be coughing soon after taking it. So, out comes the old remedy, honey and cinnamon. Cinnamon actually has a chemical in it that suppresses cough, and the honey coats the throat and helps with throat irritation.

It works so well, that his last bout of bronchitis, he did not go to the dr., he let my natural remedies help him through it.

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Um… you don’t smoke, do you??

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@CaptainHarley no, neither of us do. But both of us spent years living with heavy smokers in our past. Secondhand smoke does cause damage.

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Indeed. Have you had yourself checked for breathing problems?

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One Mucinex.

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My favorit is onion-honey syrop, it sounds disgusting, but it actually tastes good, and works really well:
Chop half a medium onion into some honey and wait three hours, the onion will mix juices with the honey into a thin syrop, take two spoons whenever you feel the need to, and wait about 15 minuets for the effect to kick in.

Feel well :)

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You can try that Neocitran stuff. You can find it in most pharmacies. It helps to relieve runny noses, sore throats and chest pains, plus it also induces sleep. Drink it before bed, only drawback is, you might awake some hours later with a bad need to take a leak.

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I have always had had very good success with annointing myself heavily with Vicks Vapo-Rub in the chest and neck area after a very hot shower; then to bed with a quick dab under my nose.

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@knitfroggy‘s idea does work. Also, Delsym cough medicine.

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Hydrocodone in the form of an ion exchange resin has been the most effective for me in controlling paroxysmal (intense, uncontrollable) coughs. Of course, these require a prescription and they are not handed out for most coughs.

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To stop cough, sprinkle little salt and pepper on slice of lemon and suck it.
Most effective cure for cough, I have found is: Boil some ginger, crushed black pepper and basil leaves in 2 cups of water for about 15 minutes. Cool and add honey or sugar and take 2 tablespoons of this four times a day.
Gargling with warm water with salt and a pinch of turmeric, steam inhalation, and intake of hot water mixed with garlic is beneficial.
For some more cough remedies you can visit:

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Everclear. I started using this after I ran out of moonshine.

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Cough medicene with hydrocodone in it. If you ask your doctor for a presecription, he will have to look it up in his PDR. Federal law took it off the market two years ago, but there are others out there very similar and work just as good.

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