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Is there a cheap place to rent a bike in San Francisco/East Bay for five days?

Asked by evander (465points) December 2nd, 2006
I am returning to the bay area in a week to visit and want to have a bike to combine with BART to see friends scattered around the Bay. I don't want to rent from one of the expensive touristy places.
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American Cycles (Cyclery) just off of haight street by the park rents cycles, i think.
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i say buy a cheap one on craigslist and sell it when you leave.
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also, if i know you, i have one you can borrow.
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Thanks, nomtastic, for the advice and offer. I am an old friend of Ben's and will be staying with him for much of my visit to the bay area.
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Evan, we've got an extra bike either of you can use (no lock). Also, across the street from our house there's a place called Box Dog Bikes that's hipstered out and might rent em cheap.

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