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Killer cravings for sugar/salt?

Asked by killertofu (115points) May 7th, 2009

i work in a bakery. i do light – moderate exercise every couple days. near the end of my shift, i had strong cravings for sweets and salty foods. long story short i ate several things. is my exercise have something to do with this? normally i dont care for sweets during work, but at least once or twice a week ill crave hard.

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I have the same cravings whether I exercise or not. A nurse told me something like my pancreas is now used to these sugar hits and wants more. I want to go cold turkey and get off the sugar but it is a hard thing to do. Must be extra hard for you if you are surrounded by good stuff all the time.

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@killertofu Love your name. AHH EEE OOH Killer Tofu!

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Killer Tofu—a Japanese remake of The Blob

Killer Tofu 2— Salt Lick Sitting

Vengeance of Killer Tofu—Sweet Tooth Surrender

Hmmm. What? Exercise? Cravings? All I can say is that if you figure out how to make it stop, please let me be the first to invest in your company!

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@boots thanks!

@daloon im not interested in making cravings stop. im wondering whats causing it and a work around

@rooey ever since i started in the bakery, my cold turkey of like 4 years ended

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When you exercise, you burn more calories than normal. When you burn more calories, your body craves more food. Those cravings you have are from the exercising. If you have a good exercise schedule, and are eating well, a sweet once or twice a week is fine.

In a light workout, you probably burn appx. 500 calories more than normal. Also, as your body gets more muscle and less fat, it uses food more efficiently. A little sweet here and their won’t hurt at all =P

I burn, on average, 4000 calories a day, and I had terrible cravings at the start. After a while you get used to it, and your body burns off anything you eat =)

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@eambos thanks man. i gotta ask: why do i crave sweets and/or salty food?

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@killertofu Are there any other foods worth craving?

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I used to work at a bakery myself. We sold these little chicken pot pies that were chalk full of sodium. As well as these muffins called rasperberry cream cheese muffins which were nothing but sugar. I went to the gym reguarly after work. I have never been one to eat lots of sweets (salty things i have had times where i couldnt get enough.)
every other week or so i would crave the muffin or pot pie. so i feel your pain. i’m not too sure why that is and never really thought about it till now. Killertofu makes an excellent point though.

it never hurts to indulge as long as you balane it with exercise and moderation.

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In days of yore, back in the stone ages and before, and, I suppose, up until the 16th century or so, sweets and salt, both necessary to human functioning, were very rare. Evolution gave us a taste for them to encourage us to seek them out.

Nowadays sweets and salt are extremely abundant. Evolution hasn’t caught up. Fat is also in this trio of things we crave that are not good for us in the quantities currently available.

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@daloon I didnt know that. that’s really interesting and explains a lot.

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Maybe i’ll have to exercise to find out
I’ll check back when i get the results

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Just wanted to report in that I had a small bowl of ice cream topped with hot fudge sauce and roasted, salted peanuts tonight. Sweet and salty, FTW!

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