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How much of a geek am I for loving the new Star Trek movie?

Asked by syz (35649points) May 7th, 2009

I just saw the new star Trek movie and I’ve been erupting with star Trek trivia and references to the original show all the way home. I’ve never considered myself a trekkie, per se… I officially a geek now?

It took 42 years to make a good star Trek movie!

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Clearly, you are not geeky enough.

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Yup, total geek… but you have a lot of company! :)

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Is it that good? I’m not a Trekkie but I like Star Trek and they really needed to get back to the level of awesome that the Wrath of Khan had.

Actually I really liked the first Star Trek film. It had some serious 2001 themes going. What with the V-Ger craft being the returned Voyager probe and all.

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Oh, I hated all of the previous movies. Hated them. But as long as you don’t get twisted out of shape by them using an “alternate timeline” excuse to explain any differences to the backstory, it’s great!

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Yes @Jayne that Onion report was on Howard Stern this morning…very funny But I heard it was fanfuckintabulous actually @syz. Actually the geeks just think that it’s too real, the acting is not wooden enough and it’s too young and exciting.We can’t have that! What’s next popcorn and candy in the theater?

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@syz Yeah the one where they went back in time to 1980’s SF with the Klingon ship they used to save the whales was really bad and the rest were all downhill from there.

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I guess I’m not a geek or Trekkie because I laugh at statements like the level of awesome that the Wrath of Khan had.
Funny but I don’t remember it as being particularly awesome.

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I’m not a fan of the tv series but from all the great things I’ve heard I want to see this movie.

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@SeventhSense Hey, that was some stuff back in the day with all the ship to ship combat, though Ricardo Montalban’s plastic chest was a bit silly.

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I was there and I don’t recall it being anything like the first Star Wars movie or anything.
That movie was magic when I saw that as a 10 year old in 1977.
And Ricardo Montelban could never act.

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No more of a geek than my having answered every question in the Star Wars addition Trivial Pursuit on the first try.hangs head in shame

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ooh! I have ^777^

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a perfect 7 in numerology= 4+7+7+7=25 2+5=7

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um.. i might have latent dork tendencies

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I’ve never been a Star Trek fan, and I really want to see the new movie. So does my husband. It just looks so…bad ass! I just hope I can take Sylar seriously as Spock.

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Apparently that’s the biggest surprise. I heard he’s phenomenal.

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I have never been the least bit interested in the other movies, but I’m dying to see this one. Geek me up, Scotty!

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I hope it’s still on the IMAX when I go to Vegas in a couple of weeks.

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Good gawd. I’ve never seen a star trek episode or movie before, and I just came back from seeing the new movie . . . it is amazing. J.J., you are genius.

Also, didn’t you know, geeks are COOL.

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I really really hope that the movie causes a reboot in the series!

Star Trek is really a great series, even the corniest of Voyager episodes have some positive point in them. It is well deserving of praise and admiration. I am a Star Trek fan but I wouldn’t say I’m a Trekkie, even though I could carry on with a philosophical Borg conversation all day (and have).

Though I will admit, I have avoided The Original Series so far. I’ve heard they’ve revamped the first season episodes with better CG and color restoration, so maybe I’ll go check out the DVD after I watch this new movie.

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I don’t think so. I think this movie was aimed at a wider audience that just the geeks, and perhaps specifically not at the Trekkies, from what I’ve heard. I felt like a dog with his tail between his leg when I went to see it because I knew that I should have watched the old ones first (I’ve never seen any Star Trek; my family were more into Babylon 5 haha) ...I really quite enjoyed the movie but now we will see if the old ones live up to their name and if I can keep my bias out from watching the new one first.

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Haven’t seen it yet. Glad to hear the good news. Yes, a reboot is good.

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@dynamicduo I own the 2nd and 3rd season of Star Trek: The Original Series (they didn’t have the first season in Best Buy) and they are indeed awesome!
What I always liked about TREK is its vision, and optimism, and the family of characters; I believe the new film can take all of these a step further.
I haven’t seen the new movie yet, but I’m confident that as Mr. Nimoy (the original Spock) endorsed it without reservation, it would be good. HOW good, I was unsure about, but judging from the comments here . . . I’m going to run out RIGHT NOW and buy an advanced TICKET!
:::drops mouse and tears out of the house, leaving a trail of dust:::

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I feel like I might be the only person in the world… but I really didn’t think all that much of it.
I feel like I really should have liked it… I mean. I love star trek and J.J. Abrams, so god knows that I really wanted to like it… but I just couldn’t for some reason.
I think I might have to re-watch it or something… perhaps I missed something… (I am pretty sure that I did not… but still)
It is just weird that EVERYONE who I have come to view as a legitimate source thought that it was a good film, while I was left feeling pretty underwhelmed.
sure, it wasn’t complete crap… but it definitely was not anything to write home about.

It is tricky to explain my issues with the film without inadvertantly spoiling the movie, but I was just wondering whether there was anyone else out there that was less than impressed…
or am I all alone here?

p.s: for those of you that haven’t seen it, dont be disuaded by my comment. I went with a group or 5 other people who all absolutely loved it, so chances are you will too.

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@shadowfelldown Maybe it suffered from too much hype? That’s happened to me before… it always bums me out to go in expecting greatness and come out feeling ‘meh’. :(

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I know what you mean, @shadowfelldown. During the movie I remember thinking “Oh, is this the climax now?” cause I dunno it just wasn’t exactly obvious and I thought it should be wrapping up about now so I guessed it must be. But then again, I didn’t have very many expectations at all for it, never having been exposed to anything Star Trek before, and was actually thinking that I’d rather be seeing Wolverine than this so it definitely surpassed my expectations and I did rather enjoy it.

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to be quite honest, i think if you liked this movie, you are not a geek. in fact, if you were, you would hate this movie, as do i.
The essence of Star Trek was always being a platform to explore human issues regarding ethics and morality. You won’t find even a glimpse of it in the new movie.
I think this movie is a disgrace to the franchise and a hit in the face of every trekkie/trekker.

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The movie was quite entertaining but hardly groundbreaking.
The first Star Wars and the Matrix were far more intriguing.
This was like Independence Day- a big CGI extravaganza.
Thoroughly enjoyable though.

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You will be the leader of the geeks if there will ever be a leader. Really… trek new movie. That’s really desperate.

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