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How to whiten my silver anklet?

Asked by ashler (36points) May 8th, 2009

Can i whiten my silver anklet?

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If you mean restore the silvery look, buy a liquid silver jewelry cleaner and soak it overnight, then rub with a soft cloth and rinse thoroughly.

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Careful with chemical dips. Most are not designed for soaking. Extended stay in the dip or inadequate rinsing and drying will leave a film that is difficult to remove. Dips are good for extremely tarnished pieces, but first try a good silversmiths polish such as Hagerty’s spray which not only cleans and polishes, but also leaves a protective layer to slow future tarnishing. Carefully read all instructions on all these products as many are harmful to certain gemstones (if present).

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In Scotland there is something called silvo , works much like brasso but made for silver .
If you use a chemical bath tho it states dip for a few minutes not over night .

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I’ve always had the best luck with regular white toothpaste not gel like Pepsodent. I use an old toothbrush and scrub my silver with a dab of the toothpaste. Then just rinse it and let it dry. I own lots of silver and this is my favorite way to clean it. Also you can’t put anything with a patina in silver cleaner but the toothpaste is fine.

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Nearly forgot Banana skin rub the inside of the skin over the silver will give it great looks .

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My neighbor makes silver anklets. Here’s what she suggests:

-we use a product called MAAS—it is a cream that you rub on then polish with a soft cloth

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or you could take it to the store and sometimes they’ll clean it for you

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If it’s sterling silver or pure silver then baking soda scrubbed over it will remove a lot of oxidation as will most toothpastes.

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