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Do you do anything that is typically thought of as something only the other gender does?

Asked by knitfroggy (8959points) May 8th, 2009

Like are there any women around that like to fix the car or men who love to crochet doilies? Do people know you do this? Do you care if they know?

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I love to house-clean.
Mopping, scrubbing, windows, laundry – the whole bit.

I also do not watch sports. Can’t be bothered with them at all.

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@cprevite I think I love you.

I can change the oil in my car.

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Two of my favorite activities are watching football and fishing.

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Since I was a bachelor for many years before I met my wife. I learned to take care of myself. So I’ve become a fairly good cook and cleaner. When we first got married my wife would always have to say “let me do that” because I had to get used to someone else taking care of me.

Fortunately a lot of my domestic skills can come in handy when she is backed up doing something with our children. So I don’t mind pitching in.

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Dog can fix a radiator :D

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That is so stereotypical. I take offense to this question.

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@TaoSan cleans carpets. he he he

I do love to work on cars!

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Does peeing sitting down count?

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I can fix a lawn mower, change the oil on my car and fix a toilet (all taught to me by my ex g/f).

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A lot of things. I’ve lived alone since I was 17, so I cook, clean the house, do the dishes and of course change nappies, feed (well, used to feed) the baby, take her for a walk in her pram, do shopping and basically everything a typical mother and housewife does (except watch TV, which I substitute for hours on fluther). I also hate ironing, so my clothes are simply creased (since there’s no woman around, and even when there was, she obviously didn’t do any of these things).

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@Jack79 I refuse to iron- it is archaic and frought with peril. My motto when clothes shopping is to avoid “BTI’s” (bitch to iron)

I also enjoy using power tools and woodworking.

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Thinking that emotional and social intelligence is very important.

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I love power tools, and own quite a few of them. I know my way around hardware stores. When I was younger, I did most of my car maintenance myself; even replaced the alternator on my old Ford Ranger.

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I often give birth.

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I can pee my name in the snow ;)

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@elijah- I am duly impressed. When camping I am elated if I can avoid peeing on my shoes.

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That is just the information I needed before breakfast LOL


What font?

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@AstroChuckEverybody poops.

I menstruate.

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I am the sports junky in the house. I mow the lawn and a couple of times a year, when I catch my husband off-guard, I change the oil in the cars.

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@KatawaGrey – let ‘er rip!

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I do everything. I was the youngest of a bunch of children. My mother used to sew most of our clothes to save money (father’s military income). By the time I was old enough to ask my mother for specific clothing, she was tired and would tell me, “you’ve watched me all this time, you should know how to do it yourself”. So, I started sewing. I made the mistake of watching my father work on the car, so I had to work on my own. I helped him build his garage and reroof the house. Now, I do my own home repairs. I watched my sisters in ballet class, so now I go to the ballet (spectator only). All the watching I did as a child made me appreciate all the skills people have and all the cool things there are to see.

Now, I can sew, build, repair, cook, do laundry (including ironing), shop, do yoga, hunt, fish, go to theater/ballet (and like it). I still don’t watch sports on TV, nor do I fart in front of others. I’m tired and rambling and trying to decide whether to delete this or not…if I do, you’ll never know…

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I love that all these women can do and like to do things that are usually considered in the male domain. I am the same way and I have just about every power tool there is, wood sculpting is my passion and I gotta have the tools.

I think it is interesting to note that only 2 males replied seriously that they are capable of and willing to do those chores that are women’s work, wonder why that is????

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I do so many things that are stereotypically male that I couldn’t list them all. That said, I enjoy a lot of things that are stereotypically female. I’m human… I’m going to enjoy what I want to, regardless of what anyone thinks about it. I don’t believe in gender roles.

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@ru2bz46 I’m glad you didn’t delete

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I wear a tampon… the quest in your head now must be, where does he put it?

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It’s still pretty taboo for most women.

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@TitsMcGhee really? maybe I just hang out with weird women then… most of them do. Then again I’m in college and we’re all devil children.

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@TitsMcGhee & @ABoyNamedBoobs03: Most of the women I know do, and we’re all pushing forty.

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If you tell me about a problem,
my first impulse is to try to resolve it.

I’ve had women tell me that this is
a masculine trait that drives them crazy.

Oh. I also have a lot of power tools, work in wood shop and do a little welding and blacksmithing. But that seems less distinctively masculine to me than the previous example.

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@TitsMcGhee more like taboo to openly admit it, but to say most women dont is foolish.

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@uberbatman, @cprevite and @ABoyNamedBoobs03: I really meant that most women don’t openly admit it.

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I can see that.

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Man! Talk about gettin’ your @TitsMcGhee slapped around… I thought it was pretty clear what she meant when she first said it.

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@Nimis: Anyone who says that’s masculine is stupid. Resolving a problem when it pops up just sounds smart to me.

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@KatawaGrey You’re such a dude. ;-)

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@ru2bz46: And my penis can wound you.

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@KatawaGrey I’m a beaver, so bring it!

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@ru2bz46: Oh, it’s being brought! /brings it/

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^weiner vs. beaver… drunken sorority girls across the globe wage that war every night.

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Whoa, talk about role reversal. I feel so violated… :-\

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Why, yes, yes you do. Also, furry, ‘cause, you know, you’re a beaver.

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I treat men the way some people say men treat women:
I don’t nag or care to hear it
I don’t care so much about what happened at work
I’m always dressed 1st
I don’t iron
(most clothes are dry cleaned or simply don’t require ironing)
I also believe men gossip more than women.

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I forgot that I skip out/ask guys to leave in the morning after a one night stand, which is usually the guy thing to do.

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@TitsMcGhee wham bam scram. cheers

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@TitsMcGhee my kinda girl. Whatchu doin later? :P

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Many friends have said of me over the years that I’m a better man than most and the girl friends say I’d make an excellent boyfriend. Now, I’m a woman and I think a very feminine looking one so this is kind of a mystery thing but so far, few complaints ;p

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My avatar is a beaver.

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@KatawaGrey You would think so, right?
But apparently it’s quite a common complaint.
Even popped up in this old Fluther question.

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@uberbatman and @ABoyNamedBoobs03: I think it’s how I know someone is worth it, when I don’t want him to leave in the morning. But for the most part…. lol.

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@ratboy^^somebody already used that one.

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*my most comfortable seated position is with a leg crossed over my knee, hips open. I’‘ve been told this is unfeminine by some so I keep it amongst close friends or at home so I don’t embarrass anyone.

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