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Does speed matter in a fight or is it power and skill?

Asked by randall (22points) May 8th, 2009

can a slow person beat a fast persone the same size as them

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Maybe, but in some games I play, my character isn’t very strong. It can defeat someone stronger than him.

I’m fast, but Im not strong. But, I haven’t got into a lot of fights except play-fighting with my counsin.

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I kick boxed and took martial arts classes for some 4 odd years…... I was always taught that if you get into fights where victory is dependent on the stronger person, you will eventually lose.

If you’re talented enough in martial arts, and fast enough to take advantage of your opponents weight/moves, then size won’t matter to a certain point.

EVENTUALLY though, if your opponent is significantly bigger than you, there’s only so much you can do.

Disclaimer: this doesn’t necessarily mean speed wins, more that talent/skill does… Speed and strength just pad your chances.

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It’s not the size of the equipment, it’s the fury of the attack! And that holds true in many different situations!

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she sings Mohamed, Mohamrd Ali. Floats like a butterfly stings like a bee.

Of course speed maters!

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If your strengths are power and skill then fight…
If your strength is speed… flee ;)

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Of course. What matters more is comparing the abilities of the two fighters at hand and seeing if one has any advantage over the other in terms of training or fighting styles.

A slow person can beat a fast person. A fast person can beat a slow person. A tiny fast fighter can take down a 7 foot giant. Then again that giant could get one solid hit in and KO the other guy.

Generally, what matters more in a fight is strategy, not ability (although if one fighter is at a lower level, of course the other will have an advantage). I’ve seen many fights where one person is getting seriously beat up, but they find that one spot where they grab their opponent and submit them to win. It can change in an instant. Thus, it is not wise to make blanket statements such as “Power matters most in a fight”, because not one of the attributes is more important, it is a combination of all three, with an overlay of luck.

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Power and skill don’t matter if the other person gets in three blows before you get in one.

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If you aint got the heart then none of the above will help you.(maybe speed will help you run away)

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