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Has Facebook ousted MySpace?

Asked by essieness (7698points) May 9th, 2009

For a while they seemed pretty neck and neck in popularity. Now it seems as though there are more Facebook users. I’m sure there are some statistics out there somewhere… Which do you prefer? I have both, but rarely do much on MySpace. Facebook seems so much more interactive to me.

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I much much prefer facebook; my myspace is a thing of the past. I haven’t had any activity on it for almost a year, and I don’t much care. Facebook is just much more streamlined, sleeker, easier to use, appeals to more people, more comprehensive, offers more in terms of communication, and has more mature users. I don’t have to deal with people’s sparkly, crazy fucking colored profiles on facebook, and I don’t have to worry about friend requests from random people as much. Facebook is more about knowing people, myspace was more about popularity and internet culture. Facebook took the basic idea of myspace and took it to a new level that was far superior.

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As of the beginning of this month, Facebook is approximately twice as popular as MySpace in terms of users (200 million vs 106 million respectively).

Facebook is also vastly more popular than MySpace in terms of traffic, which suggests that Facebook users are far more active than MySpace users.

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I think so. Even the artsy types I associate with seem to using Facebook much more. Why is this significant? Because Myspace allows so many more options for one to express their creativity. I’m on Myspace but I’ve actually never used Facebook, at all. I think I’m kind of afraid.

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i think so, for several reasons:

1) MySpace is viewed by many as for high-school or junior high aged kids and teens.

2) It’s gaudy and, imo, poorly arranged. It doesn’t promote an air of “sleekness”, which is why things like Facebook, Mac computers and the like are popular.

3) It’s slow.

4) Facebook is much more dynamic in the sense that there are businesses, contests, etc. and they allow you to interact in a way that I don’t see MySpace doing or allowing.

For me, when i think MySpace, i think some 14yr old Hot Topic frequenter who’s got a problem with her parents and two copies of the last Fall Out Boy album (one in the locker, one under her bed). Her page has flashing text, a slow loading music player and a strange repeating background. It’s meh. Facebook for the win.

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Myspace was really popular but it still sort of has this stigma with it, you know, sexual predators and the idea that everyone on myspace is an immature teen with fucked up profiles.

I think what has made Facebook so popular is the ease of use and appeal to people of ALL ages. Kids have them, college kids have them, parents have them, business people have them…It’s great! The privacy controls are stellar and you can even join business networks.

All in all, I love Facebook. I’ve gotten to know roommates through them as well as homework assignments from people in my class. Writing on someone’s “wall” seems far less creepy and daring then just calling them out of the blue.

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I would say the one and only thing I don’t like about Facebook is that I can’t have a music player on my page. I like showing off my current favorite songs, but hey, I’m still a Facebook fan.

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@essieness i have a Music tab on my facebook, which i installed with the iLike player. Under that tab, i can play music which i’ve “liked”. i don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for.

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@eponymoushipster Yeah, I’m familiar with that. I also have my Pandora and connected to it. I would like it if I could have a song start playing when someone visits my page, like on MySpace. Oh well.

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Myspace is incredibly slow.

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I was told by a friend that MySpace is like a bar, and Facebook is like a neighborhood.
I didn’t like being forced to listen to others music when I clicked on their page. With the videos, it made that site very slow, and very annoying.
I have enjoyed reconnecting with childhood friends on Facebook, recently. It is a great way to share photos and whats going on.

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Ironically, that was the ONE thing that annoyed me on myspace.

I liked seeing my friend’s music, but not when it played automatically…I would often surf myspace listening to Vivaldi or something, and then all of a sudden, someone’s profile just BLARES out this death metal without warning and shocks me!

I never got any warning or anything, not even a nice box that comes up and says “This profile contains streaming music…play now?” and then I could decide. Geez.

I hope facebook NEVER implements this feature because it’s horrid.

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@essieness yeah, i gotta side with @seekingwolf on this one: having the music start as soon as the page loads was/is annoying, especially since every time you would return to the person’ main page, you restarted the song.

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@eponymoushipster and @seekingwolf True. I hate being shocked by other people’s music, but I want to share mine. Is there a happy medium? Maybe @seekingwolf‘s idea of a little pop up box warning you that the profile contains music? Hmm…

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Eww. Music playing when you open the page? LAME.

I’m always listening to my own music, and I appreciate that you like a band, but I don’t want sound from a website to interrupt my own listening experience.

I bloody hate MySpace for that.

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@richardhenry exactly. i prefer seeing a list, or a scrobble or whatever. odds are, if we’re friends, i’ll already know what you like, and may like it myself.

and if not, i might see it and listen to it myself, or ask you about it.

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Ok ok… I get it… [sadface]

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Sorry. It’s just that I want to write you a wall post, not have to either a) pause MY music b) pause YOUR music or c) mute my entire computer. :p

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@essieness don’t cry ess, we still love you!

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Maybe facebook hasn’t but I have. Sent Friendster, Myspace, Livejournal, etc. all to oblivion and once I was feeling all shiny and clean then Facebook stuck it’s tongue in my ear :D

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i found this site completely randomly and then i saw this question asked on the side—i had to answer it because just the other day i knew that myspace was over. i’d noticed that i had been spending more time on facebook and barely keeping my myspace updated. i have a few personal friends that i still correspond with on there but when meeting new people in real life i use facebook to communicate with them. the layout of myspace is awkward and it feels very commercial. whatevs.

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Myspace has been over for a long time now, I must say I got really tired of the mile-high sparkly words people posted all over my profile. That and the people who had so much BS on their profile that it nearly crashed my computer. Facebook started to get pretty bad with all of the applications but now that they are in a separate tab it loads much better and the profiles are much more efficient. I think facebook has absolutely ousted Myspace and the gap is only going increase.

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Facebook is winning because of the parent/grandparent adoption rate, which is skyrocketing. Facebook poised itself as an easy to use social network with a solid, consistent layout and help links everywhere (less confusing for those with no computer experience). Myspace tailored itself to the teens and bands, allowing if not encouraging customization. This is a broad statement but I stand behind it: the odds of parents and grandparents joining Myspace are minuscule compared to them joining Facebook. Oh, and you should see the adoption rates of Facebook in Canada – as it stands now, about 50% of my town (Ottawa, the capital city) is on Facebook, and back in 2007 1 in 4 Canadians were registered on the site. Myspace’s numbers can’t compare.

So yes, in my mind Facebook has ousted Myspace as the #1 social networking site.

Of course, now Facebook has to show how it’ll actually make revenue…

As for my preference, I only use Facebook. I hate Myspace.

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also, just wondering, has facebook had any child diddlers or weird “14yr runs away from home” cases yet? that could also be another reason.

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I also like how facebook has you use your REAL name. I really like that.

It makes things seem more personal and I think it forces some people to be more careful on who they friend. I would friend anyone on myspace but I don’t do that on facebook.

Safety wise, I think Facebook wins again! I love their privacy controls.

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i like facebook better. the only reason i still have my myspace really is to mess around with html

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@eponymoushipster I’m pretty sure there was a case with facebook and a stalker getting info, and killing a kid. I think someone on fluther told me that…

I like Facebook, I don’t know why. I just like the layout so much better. I still go on myspace, and can see friends who use their myspace much more than their facebooks.

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oh. nevermind.

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Facebook is WAY better. Myspace is just… too much for me.

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i like myspace better, but it seems that everyone has converted to facebookism. so i’m spending more time on there now too.

but you know what, i like messing around with my myspace layout. i like not having notifications sent to every single person on my friends list every time i comment on someone’s picture or reply to a comment sent to me. go ahead, judge me. so i’m hoping that myspace makes a comeback in popularity soon.

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Pshhh, MySpace. It was sort of killed of by all the 10 year olds. I haven’t had a Facebook for long, but I love it.

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