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Know of any good, free, simple online games?

Asked by andrew (16543points) May 9th, 2009

Something that two people can play together on two different computers.

No scrabble, please, and I know about weboggle.

A million bonus points if it’s cooperative.

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Kely27 and I are hardcore cribbage players (I just got my ass skunked earlier this evening). Yahoo games is a good place to start.

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Im pretty sure you already know about this site already Andrew, but Pogo has a ton of games you can play on there. It also allows you to have a friends list and play games with them.

id still just play boggle though :P

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There are some multiplayer games on

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Free Cell…

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If you have a Facebook account, Many of the games from Playfish are really interesting. They included Facebook versions of Animal Crossing and Big Brain Academy, Mini-golf, Bowling, Geography challenge, and anagram challenge.

Facebook also has Chain Rxn. Rather addicting.

Off of facebook, if you’re into horror games there are is The House and Hotel 626.

If you like escape games, MOTAS is rather fun. The Great Escape series by Mateusz Skutnik and the different [color] Room games on have something too them.

Lastly, the Kingdom of Loathing is a large stick-figure MMORPG that’s a lot of fun.

Edit: Okay, I completely miss-read the question. Missed the 2 player part. Technically you can play things like the Kingdom on Loathing together.

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I just love this tower defence. Simple, perfect, addictive.

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mmmmm Hearts…

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I love dragon court and dragon court 2. They’re both basically free (you only need to pay for DC2 beyond a certain level). Only DC2 has any type of interaction though (and an online chat).

I currently play Jumpgate, which is a space sim. It used to be an amazing game with great interaction between players. Unfortunately very few play it anymore. You can get a 14-day free trial at

There are hundreds of free online games in places such as yahoo or msn. Unfortunately none of them involve any interaction.

A great game for what you were thinking is Heroes 3. It’s a mediaeval strategy game (there’s newer versions, but I think H3 from 2002 or so is the best). You can get it fairly cheap now (under $10) but not free. And you can play it via TCP/IP. You choose whether you want to play against another human or co-operate against a computer.

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Check out Kongregate! they have a big collection of online games.

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Chess is the king of games. It is perfect to play over the computer, either “live” games or correspondance games. While it’s not cooperative, many players will be happy to participate in a “post mortem” discussion where the game is reviewed and discussed, and each player shares what he was thinking.

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