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What is the best hotel I can find in San Francisco on a cable car route for less than $99 night?

Asked by xBRIANx (242points) May 10th, 2009

Forget Google, Travelocity, or Priceline. To get this specific I need first hand advice.

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It’s variable depending on season and day, but I have stayed at a very funky, low price hotel called BROADWAY MANOR INN
2201 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, California 94109
415–776-7900 | Toll-Free: 1–800-727–6239

walking distance to the cable car.

When you call ask for the Roomsaver price

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We also stayed at the Stratford once, for $89 with a “local resident” coupon from our Sacramento Newspaper. They claim rates starting from $99.

See also this question:

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If you go to you’ll find alot!!! 4star hotels at $99.00. You can also pick and choose amenities! Try it!

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By the way, I used it last night when my mother and my daughter were out of town and couldn’t find a hotel room. They were awesome. They let me pay for their stay, without my being there to check-in. Didn’t demand credit card from either of them. And the hotel was awesome. Very accommodating for me and extremely accommodating for actually my mom, my daughter, 3 grandchildren.

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@YARNLADY and @sccrowell – thanks for the tips. I’m trying to find a place betwen Hyde and Mason streets (cable cars) but I don’t see anything.

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@xBRIANx Unfortunately, you have to choose between location or price, you most likely won’t find both.

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