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Can people tell if I'm following them on Twitter?

Asked by hannahsugs (3238points) May 10th, 2009

I’m new to this twitter thing, not sure if I’m even ok with the idea of it yet. But if I choose to follow someone, do they get a notice: “hannahsugs is following you”?

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Yes, as an email.
Your name is also added to their list of followers.

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Yes. I get them sometimes. Just not enough.

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Yes, and they just changed up the email so that they get a bit of info. It used to just be “so and so is following you”. Not it says “so and so is following you and they’ve made this many posts and have this many people following them and are following this many people.” It’s basically to help you determine if they are spammers. Then can also block you from following them if they like.

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Yes they get an email and they can see whos following them in a list.

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Twitter is scary. I don’t think I’m going to tweet! Facebook is bad enough…

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Twitter is awesome. You can control who sees your tweets completely. You can make the private. Or make it difficult for people to read you regularly by not allowing them to follow you. All the things like notifying people when someone follows them allow the user to control who is reading them. It’s very user-friendly. There is far less information available than on Facebook.

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Twitter is so cool and addictive :D. Besides in twitter you can update every couple minutes if you want to(of course if you tweet too much people will stop following you). In facebook you can do it but is not so cool tu update so often. Also twitter is a better place to meet new people, facebook is more for a closed social group kind of thing.

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Twitter does rock!

Say- does anyone have the link that allows you tweets to update your status on Facebook?

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@Dog There are several ways to do that, I believe you can do that through Seesmic, which is an air app. Also helloTXT could proof helpful. Maybe this can show the way too :)

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@arturodiaz Thanks for the options. I had done google searches. I have been looking for the one I used initially and I think Seesmic may be it.

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um, can’t you link them from within fb? but note: you may not be thrilled with the result. it’s easy to get caught up in tweeting and forget you’ve linked to fb. so one day you log on to fb and are dismayed that your tweet about (insert tweet here) has been lolling about on fb for half the day.
of course, it may be fine. i’m just putting it out as a thing to consider.

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