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How do I use SoyLatte?

Asked by skorned (97points) May 11th, 2009

Can someone give step by step instructions for an absolute non-programming, non-linux-using noob? Do I need X11 installed to use SoyLatte? Where do I ‘change the path’ to JDK? All I want is some form of Java 1.6 installed so I can use Limewire 5.0, not for any kind of development or anything. (btw, I’m on Tiger, and have downloaded the Tiger 32 bit binary)

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@ratboy The video hasn’t loaded yet, but it seems like Exactly what I was looking for! I dunno why I couldn’t find it myself despite endless plodding through search engine results and forums and mailing list archives….
I love you….I messed up my system when trying to change the path variable myself, and ended up screwing up the Xcode settings such that even the default hello world program wouldn’t run!
Thanks a lot…finally a video demonstration, not a text one that assumes every mac user is a linux command line geek or developer and knows what the hell a $PATH variable is and how to edit his bashprofile!

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