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What are your prayer requests for the day?

Asked by spresto (903points) May 11th, 2009

I know somebody has some.

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The same prayer I’ve had this whole year.. that my wife won’t leave me.

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That my oldest granddaughter can get her head together, pull her life back together, be much more particular of the men in her life, concentrate on school & work & forge ahead.

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That my husband will get some form of payment today from his last employer. Without it, we cannot pay rent this month, or put any food on the table :(

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no more prayer requests.

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If you’re God, you already know what my prayers are, and don’t need to use Fluther to ask about them. If you’re not God, you have no business asking.

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That religion and fluther part ways really soon…and that the victims of natural disasters recieve as little sympathy attention whatsoever…they need help, not chain emails….

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Geez, don’t be so snarky, people. It’s just an innocent question. If you don’t want to answer & participate, go to a question you DO like.

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Those who sow trolling questions reap snarky answers.

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What the hell makes you think he’s a troll??? I’ve seen him on other questions. He’s done nothing wrong or questionable.

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You have probably missed all the questions he’s asked that have been moderated away.

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I don’t know anything about any of that.

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Well, this one isn’t causing any harm, so I think we should just let it be.

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