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How come if you get a pop and it's watered down you notice immediately and refuse to drink it, but if you've been drinking a giant pop for a while and the ice melts and it gets all watery near the bottom... you still drink it and its just as delicious?

Asked by goose756 (655points) May 11th, 2009

I wondered this the other day as I drank melted ice at the bottom of my amazing Pepsi.

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Quality principle

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Because if you get a watered down drink, you think you’ve been gypped. If you drink it down to the ice. you know you’ve gotten all the goodie out of it.

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Because you’re not paying as much attention at the end of drinking it? Also, your expectations are not as high in both cases. In the first, you are presented a faulty product. In the second, you choose to drink your drink slow enough that the water accumulates.

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I don’t. I’m fairly repulsed by the taste of soda that has been watered down by melty ice.

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Getting to the melty-ice soda at the bottom of your cup is a gradual process. It is not as shocking to your tastebuds as taking that first big drink and finding some watery crap instead of that good pop of fizzy soda you were expecting, so you don’t notice it as much.

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Oh man. I deliberately water down my soda. Otherwise it’s so sweet that it’s disgusting.

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@Jackson That’s just for show.

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because you made it that way. :D

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