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Have you heard of Butter Beer soda and do you know its origin or how widespread it is?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) June 15th, 2015


I’ve not had one this month and hope the ‘fall’ limitations in the link are wrong.

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I thought that it was invented for the Harry Potter books. I didn’t know that it was real.

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I heard you can get one in Universal in Orlando, but I have not been there, and since it’s probably expensive (there), I’m not likely to be buying one if I ever go.

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Never heard of it but WOW, with those flavors… I’m IN !!!

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I really want to try one!

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I had no idea it existed outside of Harry Potter either. Interesting!

Here is a recipe for making your own butterbeer.

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Ever notice that any food sounds good with the word “butter” in its name? Butternutter candy, butter cookies, Butterball turkey, and my favorite, butterscotch… even butterfat (as opposed to just fat).

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No, but it sounds fantastic!

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I’ve only ever heard of it in the Harry Potter books, I imagine it’s been invented because of that. I have had butterscotch schnapps though, which is very tasty and I imagine it’s similar, except non-alcoholic. Butterscotch schnapps is nice in coffee.

I wonder if any of the local craft breweries in my area would be interested in brewing a real beer with butterscotch… Would be nice with a dark, rich mild I think.

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I don’t know anything about Harry Potter, and I didn’t know anything about limited availability until I was researching to ask the question. I just clicked on the ‘Order online’ link, and that doesn’t seem to be an option at this time.
Amazing pop. I think it’s like drinking liquid caramel. Others have mentioned butterscotch. I’ll be in town within 24 hours, and I check then and report back if it’s still available here.

County Market has it in my area, and it’s a fair sized Midwestern grocery chain.

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I had it at a universal Orlando. Yummy!

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Same brand, do you know, @Judi? Just curious.

Edit, County Market gas has it in my area.

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I think it’s a special Harry Potter brand. It was on tap and had a special potion to put a head on it.
I don’t drink sugary drinks but had to try it.

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