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When you're stressed, where to do you tend to feel it on (in) your body?

Asked by Jude (32120points) May 11th, 2009

And, what do you usually do to take care of it?

For me, the neck and shoulders ache like crazy. That and headaches.

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I feel it in the small of my back. I also tend to feel it in my wrists just because I write and type so much that when I’m stressed my wrists ache.

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Upper back. Between shoulder blades. Sometimes in muscles leading to my neck.

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My shoulders and neck tense up. I have a lot of scar tissue in my shoulders from 4 years of collegiate rugby, and it doesn’t take much to make me super-tight.
To take care of it, I try to get a little extra sleep, and I use a heating pad. Whiskey works too.

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I don’t think I have any extra physical pain when I’m stressed, just emotional. Then again I could be wrong since I don’t pay enough attention to differentiate

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My neck and the back of my head. Oh, to be free of worldly care!

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In between the shoulderblades, up into the neck. Sometimes feels like i cant move my head. If it’s really bad it is a pinching pain that causes a headache.

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My neck and shoulders… especially since having a couple bad whiplash injuries over the years.

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Stomach, hands and calfs.

My hands and calfs get a feeling like how butterflies feel in the stomach. I hate that feeling.

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The entire left side of my body, but mostly the upper half. I have trouble with the levator scapula and upper trapezius trigger points, which means I have pain in my shoulder, neck, jaw and head. (Good Website) If it gets really bad other trigger points kick in and the pain goes all the way down my arm, the lymph node under my chin flares up and the very top of my head has a sharp pain and is tender to the touch. Super stressed and my left hip and leg join the party. Needless to say, I know quite well when I’m particularly stressed.

There is therapy I can have or do at home, but I am just learning about it. Up till now I have simply taken Tylenol and applied heat, which improves but does not eliminate the pain.

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Usually nothing, unless it’s sustained stress over an extended period – and then my stomach feels like someone is stabbing it.

If it’s even more hardcore stress, I get a ghost throbbing pain in my jaw where my heavily impacted wisdom tooth used to be.

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I tend to get headaches. I take some kind of medicine to get rid of it, and typically take a hot bath.

Lately, I’ve been getting horrible stomachaches whenever I get stressed. I’m not so good at making the pain go away.

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Back of the neck and shoulders.

They get as tense as an evangelist at a swingers retreat.

I do a little self massage until I can go see my acupunturist (who then procedes to abuse me into relief).

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A hot bath helps, I find, and like, cprevite, a self massage. Also, going for a walk, and if I’m feeling up to it – cleaning (with Ipod in tow); it keeps me busy and my mind off of things for awhile.

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The back of my neck and the shoulders.

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The same as most others – the back of the neck and shoulders, down near the shoulder blades. If really under prolonged stress I’ll get a “back of the skull” headache if I am seated and not able to move about. I found a cure for it some time ago, I breath pure oxygen for a few minutes and the tension clears. (I have an Oxygen Concentrator.)

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Mine is like others, it’s usually my right shoulder or my neck.
I think I injured my shoulder somehow while pregnant, so that acts up and it’s like a giant knot under my shoulder blade. Not enough massage and chiropractic care could fix it :(
I also get muscle spasms in my fingers, my eyeslids, and my abdomen.

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