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Where is the cheapest place to buy contacts?

Asked by sevenfourteen (2419points) May 11th, 2009

Online? Phone? From my eye doctor? Basically I just started wearing contacts and I paid $30 for 15 days worth of dailies from my eye doctor. I cannot afford to keep doing that though… Where else can I go to get cheap contacts? I’m wearing the Focus (Ciba) dailies if that helps. Thanks!!

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You can tend to find them cheapest online, but you have to find a good/reputable dealer. I’ve used coastalcontacts and they’re pretty good. Check your eye doctor too though. Really it just comes down to shopping around, you can probably find a good deal on any of those options.

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I comparison shopped online… and I found out my insurance has a 10% discount program. I told that to my Optician, and they matched the discounted price!

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If you have a good insurance plan, they usually have a discount dealer you can work with. Otherwise, Sam’s Club and Costco are the lowest price here.

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Around here Walmart vision center has the best prices. Plus they offer good deals fairly often, like buy 3 boxes get 4th free and things like that

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I’ve always taken my children to America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses. We’ve always had great experiences and low prices – even on toric lenses which are stupid expensive.

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I got lucky… they were mostly covered by my mom’s health plan, which we’re switching from, so we bought a year’s supply for about $100 before the plan ended.

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Walmart just got a contract with 1–800-Contacts. I used to get my contacts through a private physician, but I switched to Walmart for convenience and I am saving at least ten dollars on every month supply.

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check costco.

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My insurance covers absolutely nothing but a cheap pair of frames, I will check with Walmart and Costco though. Should I tell my eye doctor that I’m going somewhere else though or are they really stict about this kind of thing?

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@sevenfourteen: As I noted in my reply, I told my Optician about the discounted price I’d have gotten online and they matched it. It is a competetive market right now, so feel free to research the prices and see if your Dr. will match or go lower. My Dr’s office had it shipped directly to my home, and there was no shipping costs, either.

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a long time ago when i went to a regular optician, i told him i was going to costco to buy lenses and he asked me what they charged, and when i told him he told me he couldn’t get them for that price himself. now for the ones i get, acuvue, i think i pay about $14 a box (six lenses = 3 pairs).

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