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Why are some people more prone to belly button lint?

Asked by aviona (3260points) May 11th, 2009

My belly button seems to be very suseptible to it (regardless of what I’m wearing). Why is this? I know some people who never get it. I get teased!

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The source of belly button lint

I never get belly lint. My husband gets it though. Grosses me out.

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In all of my research on belly button lint… oh wait, I have never researched belly button lint.

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haha…I’ve never had it…but my friend said that he’ll be taking a shower and then all of a sudden see a small piece of lint in the bottom of the shower and he didn’t even see it fall…lol

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Men with hair around their navel tend to get it. It has to do with the coarseness of the hair wearing away at the cotton fibers of the shirts they wear. I’m saving all of mine so that someday soon I can knit that special someone a “personalized” sweater ;)

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I do have a fuzzy tummy @FGS…for a girl. Luckily it’s blonde

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I suspect it also has to do with the shape and depth of the belly button, with the deeper and narrower ones retaining more lint more often.

Of course, if you have an outie all bets are off.

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why did no one read my link?! a chemist figured it out, problem solved people! lol

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@casheroo – because some of us are rather hairless beings but still accumulate belly button lint. Did he study women’s belly button lint gathering propensity or just men’s?

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I’m completely freaked out by belly button lint.

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I take my belly button lint out daily, sometimes more than once daily. It’s such an occasion, like a surprise gift waiting to be opened.

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What fascinates me is – how do you KNOW that some people have this problem? What sort of research was involved? Did you get your face slapped a lot?

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Belly button lint makes me want to puke. It creeps me out. Seriously, I would sew my belly button shut if I ever saw any in there.

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I think @casheroo ‘s link makes sense.

I have a fairly hairless stomach and have never had issues with belly button lint (thankfully). Hubby on the other hand…. I’ll have to check his stomach to see if it is hairy because honestly at the moment I can’t remember.

Should we talk about smell? LOL (ask hubby about that… haha… I hope he never sees this…..)

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Its due to the hair it moves the fluff from your underwear and from your t-shirt/jumpers . It was on a show not too long ago

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It’s a combination of having hair on your lower stomach area around the bellybutton, and wearing cotton garments in that area. As you move, the stomach hair catches or helps to loosen any nonsecure fibers and due to the shape of the hair the fibres gradually work their way up to your bellybutton, where they hang out and wait for others.

I do not have belly button lint, but my partner does, to the point where it’s like a clam producing a pearl each day! I find it amusing and love to find it.

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I have hair on my belly, it’s fair hair, but not the “barbed” hair I guess since I don’t get belly lint. Everyone has hair on their body, some have different textures I guess.

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