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Would you make a good, hopefully benevolent, dictator?

Asked by lillycoyote (24817points) May 12th, 2009

What would you do first? What would be your first edict? What would you declare, by fiat, to be the law of the land?

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For a week or two, then… I’d remember the Queen and it would be “Off with their heads…” for all the frustrating fools who made life difficult.

I haven’t the patience to live a life of eternal frustration. Being a good Mommy to everybody doesn’t hold as much appeal as being an Evil Ogre.

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If I were the dictator of the US, the first thing I would do is make Pastafarianism America’s state religion, and make profession of abrahamic faiths a capital offence. muhahahaha

But seriously, It might go well for a a few months or years, but power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and i do not consider myself an excemption to this rule.

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@ragingloli I would support the Pastafarianism, she said with a mouthful of linguine carbonara

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Me? Yeah, I’d be amazing.

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Yes, how did you know?
My first action would be to banish all fast food restaurants
I’ll toss a coin against Jiminez

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I would be a wonderful dictator. But then again it seems as though ALL dictators think they’re wonderful :)

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I would ban all future dictators before stepping down.

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I’d adopt rather libertarian principals, and gradually give myself less power so that when I died there would be a democratic government rather than an heir to the throne. (But, that would be after I died. Definitely not before.)

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Well if I was the rational and humane dictator of my convictions, I would probably be usurped by the methods I would enact to create a more equitable society. And I would probably adore the fawning masses to a degree but I might have a problem with the aristocracy. At one point I’m sure I would feel compelled to exile some of the high minded to a cold corner of the empire for being such self serving weasels. But who knows. I’ve been accused of being Machiavellian, so maybe I would hold tight reign on a significant holding somewhere in the Mediterranean with fawning lipstick lesbians to dote over me.

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Yes. But not a dictator, a loving advisor.

Love is the law, love under will. Nor let the fools mistake love; for there are love and love. There is the dove, and there is the serpent. Choose ye well!

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Why don’t you ask my citizen’s.

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No way. I have a very fiery temper. Someone would piss me off and I’d find some awful task for them. It would spiral out of control and things would be bad…very bad. We would have a lot of fun in the process, but the first person to wake me up before I truly wanted to wake up….“Off with their head!”

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@asmonet LOL psychotic dictatorship or merely corrupt? That’s a tough choice.

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I’m afraid my frustration levels would interfere, and pretty quickly, too! I mean, if I’m a benevolent dictator, how do I force people who don’t agree with me to do as I say? I wouldn’t be throwing them in jail, or executing them for disobeying, so what’s their motivation to obey my decrees? The way I see it, there would always be a percentage of people opposed to my views, so what good is a dictatorship? I believe I’ll just stick with democracy. :)

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Benevolent? Sure…. Good? Well I mean I’d like to think so, but I have zero experience managing a country (or anything remotely close in size)..... More than likely I’d try to shift towards a working democracy.

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Totalitarian all the way baby. Caesar who?!

If I had my pick I’d take some African nation with a wealth of natural resources but lacking the industrialization to take advantage of it. Get in Good with whatever 1st world country needed our materials most. Turn the society into a somewhat spartan-esque regime, and begin my conquest under the flag of African unity. Hold elections every 6 years, which will only serve the purpose of allowing the people to think they have a say in how the government runs things(they’ll be rigged of course, I would have fought hard to become dictator, you think I’m going to let some schmoo from the working class decide what’s right? psh). I’ll play the diplomacy game with the UN, screeming and ranting for humanitarian aid on the premises that we’re striving to become fully modern and westernized(time to get in bed with the good ol’ US of A, they love that crap.) Renounce Religious extremism while all the while promoting religious and ethnic tolerance(sound familiar?). I’ll be supreme ruler of most of africa in no time!
Hail to King, Baby.

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