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Why do Michigan Republicans hate democracy?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) March 19th, 2013

Before answering, you need to listen to this expose of the level of gerrymandering Republicans have used in Michigan to render their landslide loss in the 2012 elections a win, their disdain of a ballot initiative defeating their hated emergency manager law, and their insistence that in cash-strapped towns and cities, only dictatorship can solve the problems. Something very ugly is afoot in Michigan and it needs to be stopped. It’s underway in lots of other Republican dominated states as well, the gerrymandering, the attempts to rig elections so heads we win, tails you lose. But Michigan should stand as a clear warning of just how far they will go to force an electorate to accept “My way of the highway.”

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Which one should I listen to? I get a whole list of shows, when I click your link.


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@whitenoise Sorry, looks like the first link I posted morphs each day to the current show. I googled and corrected it. It’s which i sure hope remains valid for more than I day. I’m just in the process of firing off a nastygram to MSNBC telling them URLs shouldn’t automagically change what they point to every time a new day rolls around.

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I don’t believe they hate democracy per se, only the kind where they do not control power.

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I don’t believe that the Republicans hate Democracy, but I do think that they would like to see Democracy restricted to the point that only the members of the Republican Party would have access to it. I believe this is the point that they are actively pursuing in the gerrymandering going on in Michigan.

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It isn’t only Michigan Republicans that hate democracy. It seems that every state including mine (Pennsylvania) that has a Republican governor has used redistricting and voter I.D. to limit voting. It has long been recognized, by republicans, that the fewer the voters the more likely that Republicans win. It is also a fact that in states where Republicans dominate personal freedoms are restricted and corporate freedoms are expanded. I find it amazing that a group that proposes that they hate government work so hard to insure that it is their government that does the repressing. It is also pretty frightening that evangelical religion is being promoted in the Military. It won’t be long that we will have religious police that are equal or better than anything belonging to a Muslim country.

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I am having second thoughts about my answer, I think that I agree with @Ron_C !

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Here in Texas, the only thing that is keeping them in check or rather just making it a little more difficult for them is the Voting Rights Act. You know, the one that they are presently trying to have the Supreme Court throw out because it is no longer relevant.

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@rojo Systemically assured perpetual single-party rule is democracy like in Nazi Germany, the old Soviet Union and today’s North Korea, China and Cuba. In my book, all those examples HATE democracy.

@Linda_Owl See above.

@Ron_C The attack on democracy now encompasses 31 states that Republicans controlled after the 2010 disaster for Democrats and democracy. But Michigan is an example of how bad it can get—how bad it will get if not stopped.

@Linda_Owl Copy that.

@rojo Then you should enjoy Stephen Colbert’s send-up of the court.

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Wow, some people don’t know any better so we’ll let the big brother make the decisions for them, talk about the ultimate form of hypocrisy coming from the people know better than the government talking point champions. Somehow I think that you’ve meant to write Why do Michigan Republicans hate democracy?

Most intelligent people already know that most conservatives don’t really stand for less government or more freedom, but the polar opposite. The Republicans that really do stand for less government, less militarism and more personal freedoms are usually labeled as RHINOs.

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@Paradox25 The broader question is the more important one.

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