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What, if anything, will happen on 12/21/2012?

Asked by Strauss (20580points) May 12th, 2009

There are many theories floating around about some change that will happen on this date. What do you think?

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I think people are stupid and superstitious, and because the date will numerically read 1 2 2 1 1 2, they think it MEANS something. Since 01/01/01, every 13 months and 1 day there has been another coincidental date. But there’s money to be made off peoples’ superstitions. Basically dates are a manmade construct in the first place, so the actual time a date really occurs is random when you get right down to it. It means just as much as 06/06/06 did 3 years back.

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No, in many parts of the world the date will read 21/12/2012. Not all of the world follows the US convention regarding dates. The date is simply the date of the solstice. The theory has to do with the MesoAmerican calendar, not the the coincidental arrangement of numerals. It is all nonsense, but then as so many people give credence to things like Tarot and various other divination methods, there will always be some eager to believe.

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I will be getting last minute Christmas shopping done, stressing about visiting relatives and dearly wishing I was in the studio painting.
Just the same as every other Dec. 21.

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The world will implode !!!!

I will be doing some Christmas things, playing some games with my children. preparing the meat for Christmas dinner .!
Why what do you think will happen ?!

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No. Just no.

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I’m going to Disneyland.

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The same thing that happened in 2000, the apocalypse will happen, and we’re all going to die!

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The History Channel will scramble to find new shows to play?

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Oh noz… the ‘pocalypse!

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The sun will go super nova.

It is impossible to predict the future.

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Oh i know i know the answer to this one !!!!!

Is it by that date the whole world will be supplied with a digital TV signal and analogue will finial be dead !!!!!

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Well the good tax payers of London will still be paying for the Olympics. I just hope its worth it.

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Someone will be born, someone will die. Someone will cast away stones, someone will gather stones together. And a lot of people will do last-minute Christmas shopping online.

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just another day like Y2K was. people are going to flip about the end of the world or something. there’s probably going to be some killer parties somewhere…other than that nothing special. just four days til christmas.

@dalepetrie I graduated on 06.06.06…just thought

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Nothing will happen, at least nothing abnormal from a normal day.

The thing about date time predictions is they don’t really work, thanks to the leap day combined with daylight savings time and the global setup of time and date differences. Oh, and of course that all of the predictions are nothing more than attention seekers turning the spotlight on themselves.

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Well as far as I know thats just the date that the Mayan calender runs out, hell they did a good job making it that futureproof but hey the rest is total monkey balls nothings gonna happen…

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I know I’ll probably have a hot chocolate made with milk sometime that day, myself. I’d hope it would be in London, but we’ll see. :D

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…...Yeah… tell’em. Down with all those non-logical thinkers. Damn day-light savings and attention seekers. They should all burn in hel….no thats illogical too.

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The year will be 4 days shorter !

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It will be the eve of my 25th birthday.

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Is it the day that Sea-monkeys rule the world ?

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Party at Allie’s house!

sandystrachan's avatar

The day when X-box dies?
The dolphins re capture the planet ?

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Hey, I got a great idea. Lets not worry about it until 12/21/2012.

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If anyone is worried about it they should really wait till the day after , they can think about the great things that are happening to the rest of the damned and why it has not happened to them . Have the been good enough or have they been too bad for it to happen to .

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the most super awesome dance party ever! Be there or be square!

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Don’t worry. It will already be 12/22 in Australia.

@augustlan – Woot! There will be cheesecake.

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Mmm. Cheesecake.

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I will wake up with a Vanilla Latte…

Wrap presents, play with my son, my animals…then later, I’ll have a nice cuppa sleepytime tea. That’s all that’ll happen here!

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I think our office party is that night…which may spell the end of the world for mah spotless reputation….oooooo nooooooz!

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Aliens will land and inform us that they are really future humans who have come back in time to fix everything that went wrong. They have been conducting tests to figure out how to stop whatever it is that occurred to force humans to live underground and become withered, pale telepaths. Their arrival will spark a new phase of human invention, and we will change our fates by changing the way we think about the future…well, at least according to this guy I know.

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Probably nothing.

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All the cheesecake in the world will
Develop a personality that gives
Consumers abnormal heartburn that lasts for several days with prescription meicine or not.

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@Fred931 WHAT!?!?!?!?!? Say it isn’t sooooo!!!!!

Fuck it. We’re still having cheesecake at my party.

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…the final equinox?

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@Fred931 and there will be discovered a cure for cheesecake heartburn: pancakes!

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I think the race of Reptillian Aliens that runs the planet will no longer be able to maintain their shape-shifting abilities amidst the rupturing of the fabric of space-time, revealing their true identities to us meek humans, allowing us to finally unify under a common urgency to survive.

It will be obvious that the projected situation of climate catastrophe, political instability, manufactered scarcity, is merely an agricultural technique of the Reptillians, who drink human blood to obtain a hormone which is secreted during the experience of terror, for use as a nutrient.

We will defeat the Reptillians by visualizing a return to an eden like, garden planet where a giant Phoenix flies high in the atmosphere distributing seeds of various magical plants and vegetables. We will all sit in seperate rooms, no two individuals in the same room, and we will all simultaneously invoke the image of the NeoEden mentally, and hold it still in our minds.

After the last person on the planet firmly locks there third pineal eye onto this vista of possibility, the phoenix will emerge from the nearest black hole, gaining speed as it streaks through the cosmos toward earth, on its divine mission of purification. Trailing feathers of flame, infinitely long, flare in intensity, still tethered like an abysmal root to the void, as the fire bird gains in size. The sky becomes filled with an unyielding orange brilliance as the phoenix grows exponentially larger, seemingly in co ordinance with the special theory of relativity.

In an instance, the phoenix engulfs the planet. Unimaginable heat scalds the surface, as the entire planet is suspended in agony so visceral, all memory is incinerated. Time appears to stop, as the phoenix begins to contract, the earth still in its clutches. Like a rubberband, the jagged, flickering threads of fire snap back at the critical point, pulling our space ship inevitably closer towards the singularity.

As we cross over the event horizon, we look back, and to our suprise the rest of the universe is following us. Speed goes beyond infinity, density approaches that of stars, and then surpasses it. Atomic chemistry vanishes as electrons melt.

Space itself vibrates as pyroclastic flows of being are spit out in silk strings as if from an ethereal cotton candy machine, cooling as they distance themselves from the chaos, condensing as the Terra of Seraphim from the ether. Rain clouds of intentionality become pregnant with possibility, bursting open until torrents flood upward into the sky, boiling in the gamma rays of high atmosphere until a prism of charged gas is held like a magnifying glass above this new theater on the day of its grand opening.

As light shines from the heavens, through this prism, immutable white light vivisects the darkness of void into slivers so fine, nothing gets confused and becomes everything. Information becomes currency and commodity, food grows out of the ground for free, children teach their parents how to live, the sky is television, apartment complexes appear spontaneously in the hollowed out sides of mountains, and we forget that reptiles ever had anything to do with our daily decision making.

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