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Do you know this song from season 7, episode 23 of CSI Miami?

Asked by meemorize (324points) May 13th, 2009

Right at the beginning of the episode 7×23 “Collateral Damage” (literally, second 0 until about minute 2 and 16 seconds), just after the credits, there is a song playing in the background.
I really like it but have no idea who it is, google has not been helpful so far either.

If you know please let me know :)

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What is the episode about? I have about 20 of the episodes DVR’d and I’ll look for you if you tell me how the episode starts… mine doesn’t record the show titles for some reason.

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First link is to the Youtube video so you can hear the song on the show, second link is to the lyrics. The song “The Sun Ain’t Shinin’ No More” by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

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I would have updated the question as well, but with the time difference I literally just got up only to find you have already identified the song.

Thanks again.

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