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If Fluther was a country, what kind of government would you say it has?

Asked by Jiminez (1253points) May 13th, 2009
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Dictatorship (the same as all websites)

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Oh boy.

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@J0E – Not quite all. Many are more community-moderated.

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@Ivan; shhhhh, you’ll start a fight.

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Extremely Liberal.

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Libertarian or Liberal with occasional forays so far left Pol Pot would blush.

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A tickleership. Not sure if that is a word. But it should be.

I like to think we are somewhat self-policing. Say something stupid and you will be called on it.

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More of a family-like dictatorship. Everyone’s say is in there but the final approving authority lies with the parents

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Definitely, government knows best.

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Monarchy. I’ll let Ben and Andrew have a sword fight to determine who gets to be the King and who gets to be the Queen.

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Bendrew rules all. Because they’re really the only ones who know how it works.

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Either an autonomous collective, or self-perpetuating autocracy.

no, wait – an anarco-sydicalist commune. i dunno.

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Benevolent dictatorship.

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A military junta.

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A benevolent biarchy.

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no one? srsly?

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@eponymoushipster – In what way? It’s totally fucking hierarchical. How can you mistake it for anything but?

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@Jiminez no one got the quote at all. broke my nerd heart.

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The underlying question is, so?

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What do I win?

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I think FGS nailed it.

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Oh, well… hmm… thanks anyway.

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I agree with Gail, benevolent dictatorship.

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Im going to go with Communist Totalitarian: Stalin and Lennin (Ben and Andrew), with their Secret Police force of content moderators out to destroy the free thinking world (PnL, JohnPowell, etc).

Seriously though guys I love you and all the superb moderating you do :)

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@shilolo so am I perverted and sick for wanting to see Ben or Andrew dressed in a Queen’s robes?

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Oh no! Another one training at the Dennis Miller school of comedy?
”“Hey, Cunningham—Andy Warhol called. You’re at 14:55 and we’re tickin’ big-time here, Chachi.”
Monday Night Football

Say what?

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@joeysefika – Welcome back! T’is sad we had to meet in such unfortunate circumstances. Hehe j/k

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@SeventhSense python is a right, not a privilege.

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So two wrongs can’t make a python

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Hey, I got it!

It’s a kritocracy à la Judge Dredd.

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