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How to recover iPhone text messages?

Asked by rissa (10points) May 14th, 2009

My Boyfriend has a iPhone and he always deletes the text before i get a chance to see them. I just want to know step by step how to recover them. Can anyone help?

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It isn’t possible to recover the text messages on an iPhone after they have been deleted. You could in theory put the iPhone into recovery mode and then access the device as a disc and then use file fragment recovery software, but this is pretty technical and a lot of hacking and making it up as you go would be required (I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before).

On a more important note, why are you invading his privacy? If you think he’s hiding something, you should speak to him.

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If be wanted you to see them he probably wouldn’t delete them

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It sounds like it’s time to have a serious talk with your boyfriend. Some topics to address: Trust, secrecy, privacy and boundaries.

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You can recover any that have not been overwritten, it isn’t hard to do. Connect the iPhone as an external drive and use one of the USB/Media card recovery programs that are supplied by companies like SanDisk. Of course, with a bit of luck your next boyfriend won’t make life so difficult for you. (You do realise that you are unlikely to keep this boyfriend – don’t you?) There is a very good chance that nothing nefarious is going on. My BlackBerry Storm is set up to automatically delete any messages that I have not tagged “save” after seventy-two hours. – it is just a “housekeeping” thing. He might be doing something similar.

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What’s wrong with you! Is he cheating on you?

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Hello!? You have NO right to read those messages he deletes! This question shows you have no issues with invading his privacy. That is a big warning sign regarding your relationship, as you are now being disrespectful and have prioritized your need to find out over his right to privacy.

I am not ignoring the fact that he’s deleting text messages as they come in. Yes, that’s somewhat suspicious. But maybe instead of trying to be sneaky and childish, you two can act like adults, and communicate with your words. Ask him about it. Listen to what he says in response. Continue until you determine that this issue is not critical to your relationship and can be dropped, or maybe that it is critical and further steps need to be taken.

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He’s a guy and likes to see a response to his touch, a reply when he says something, and action when he gently slides his finger over that magic button. That’s why he has an iphone. ;-)
Does he demand to see all your texts? If yes, then run. If no, then take the high road and allow him his space. Iphone users soon become addicted. But don’t worry, “There’s an ap for that.”

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@DarkScribe An iPhone won’t mount as a standard volume, even in recovery mode. It’s not like an iPod, where it mounted like a mass storage device. The iPhone runs OS X, and interacts with your Mac/PC over a network-like connection.

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you can’t recover them after deleting them, Im guessing that’s why he deleted them before you got the chance to look? Or maybe he’s not cheating on you..

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I’m not going to give you the “learn your boundries” speech, because I understand we all do stupid things when we are scared. The best answer is to sit down and talk, but if he is doing something wrong he isn’t going to tell you. You know if something is truly wrong. Either he is doing something wrong, or you are being paranoid. If you can’t trust him, regardless of who’s fault it is, you are making your life (and his) hell.

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I would like to give the perspective from the side of the person deleting the messages.

I delete all my messages before letting my spouse see them.

This is not because I have anything to hide. It is because I do not like watching someone read texts that were not meant for them.

My spouse used to read and grill me on what each meant then ask more questions on the background of the question.

Keep in mind these are texts from my friends- not anyone of the opposite sex. My spouse just is nosy by nature.

Because I do not feel it is any of my spouses business I delete them.

Note to person asking the Q. Had my spouse done this before we married I would have considered it a deal- breaker for our relationship.

Tread lightly- and do not jump to conclusions or look for reasons to distrust him. You are out of line.

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Let him have privacy.

If you have issues talk with him, don’t sneak around like he is. That solves nothing.

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I don’t understand why Im out of line here. I already suspected that he’s cheating by doing this. I wasn’t asking you to judge me. I know Im being sneaky and it is his right to delete HIS text so i can’t read them, but if I’m asking him not to hide things from me an we already are having problems OVER THIS!!, Then what do i do??? I just want to see for my own and then we’ll go from there! He wouldn’t delete them if he had nothing to hide…I guess nobody understands where Im coming from.

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If you don’t trust him dump him. You’re not married to the guy.

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What @Judi ^^ said.

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But i love him, an it’s hard to leave someone when you have no proof.

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If you have no proof why do you not trust him?

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@richardhenry You can use the iPhone in a disk mode with some hacks or third party apps. Check this link – it is only one of many. I use a slightly more “unapproved” method on my daughter’s iPhone that requires some permanent hacking.

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Thanks for that i thought i had it all taken care of , but it only showed the first ten. Ima buy the full version tho.

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What more proof do you need? He’s being sneaky and not resolving the situation to your liking. That demonstrates he is not a member of a two person team, he thinks more about himself and his welfare than you, thus he is not a fully committed member of your relationship. What difference does it make whether you get your grubby hands on the text message or not? What happens if there are NO suspicious text messages, will your relationship just magically be better? Of course it won’t!

The reason you are out of line is that everyone is entitled to their own privacy and personal space. You are denying him that right by wanting access to his phone. This means your relationship has no trust, and thus is built on a cracked foundation. Good luck building a house on that.

But it seem you don’t care about things like trust or respect, as you went ahead and looked at his phone messages anyway. I can’t see how you can say you love him and then go right ahead and illegally access his phone messages. Well, actually I do, words are cheaper than actions. Don’t be surprised when your relationship dies.

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You know what, ur missing the point here. I never ask you for your opinion. I appreciate, and take into consideration what you said, but on the other hand i never ask you if i was being nosey or if i was invading his privacy or not. I don’t care obviously about his privacy. He’s my boyfriend. He wont hide nothing from me and if he does i will find out, I love him an care about him way too much for us to have a relationship where he has to hide things from me no matter what it is. My question was “How do you recover iPhone text messages?” That’s all i want to know. Maybe next question I ask i won’t mention my boyfriend, then maybe i’ll get a answer! One more thing, he was right here when I went thru his phone. I don’t got behind his back and do it.

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Rissa, I completely understand where you are coming from. No one has the right to judge someone when they are not in their position. I too am with a boyfriend that I love who happens to delete texts and I too wish I could check them to see what he is up to. There should be nothing hidden in a relationship, and this “lack of privacy” thing is a bunch of bullshit. If you arent doing anything wrong then you wouldnt give two sh*ts who knows WHAT, especially when the suspicious is someone you say you love.

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I’m in a similar situation, but far more screwed up. I need to recover text messages my gf deleted from my iphone. We’d been dating for 2 years and planned to marry (she asked me!!), but she had been showing suspicious behavior for the past couple of months. After I overheard a VERY suspicious conversation I confronted her. When she showed me the call log I took the phone and scanned her texts. Needless to say she went crazy, begging me to stop and return the phone. Unfortunately, I did find the evidence I was afraid of – she had been screwing around and texting about it to the other guys. Point is: if there’s smoke, there is fire. If you think he’s hiding something, he probably is.
All of this is just to say that I am also trying to recover lost texts and am finding there is no easy solution, especially since I have a mac. Good luck and I hope you find what you need to put your mind at rest.

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hey Rissa, did you ever find out what his deleted messages were ? I am also looking to see if I can do that.

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