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I'm thinking that everyone should be able to have their birthday off (and get paid!). Who's with me?

Asked by Jude (32120points) May 14th, 2009

Today…it’s my birfday, and, sadly I won’t be partying like it my birthday because I have to work 11 hours..fuckin’ ‘ell.

You feel me? ;-(

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I don’t mean to be the party pooper hehehe, but birthdays are not special, statistically speaking. You came out of a woman one day out of a possible 366. These are really really high odds, especially when you multiply it by North America’s working population, 1 in 365.25 people wouldn’t be going to work. That’s tens of thousands here in Canada.

This is why we have vacation days and the ability to book work off or switch shifts. Plan ahead and book your birthday off so that you don’t work on your birthday. That’s what I did back when I worked shift work. If you don’t have this option or if it was denied to you, then yes you do have my sympathy… but you won’t next year :)

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I have always felt this way. If I ever have employees, this will be my policy.

I also think that the day after Halloween should be a school and work holiday, too.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, jmah!!!

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@dynamicduo Haha, I hear ya. year I’ll take it off!!


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Happy birthday! :D I feel as you do @jmah, and since my birthday is the the day after a major holiday, I always take it off (when I’m working and it lands on a workday).

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Aren’t there only 365 days in the year?

Happy birthday!

My birthday is a national holiday to me, I don’t care what others say.

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where I work, we do get our birthdays as holidays. We can either take the day off or if we work, we gain time on the books.

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Quit your job. A potentially interesting birthday present to yourself.

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Leap year, @casheroo. Adding in February 29th makes 366 possible days one can be born on.

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I actually called out for my birthday, then my boss gave it to me as a sick day, so I did end up getting paid for it. Have you accumulated any sick days while at this job? If so, use it=) happy birthday!

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I think whomever gave birth to person should get a paid holiday on said persons birthday. They did all the work anyway. The birthday person just showed up!

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I think everyone needs at least 4–5 weeks of paid vacation per year. It’s important to remain productive and creative, recharge the battery from time to time and avoid burn-out syndrome. With 4–5 weeks of vacation people can decide to use one for their birthday or not. I think it’s actually kind of nice at the office when there’s a birthday of a colleague. People can still celebrate at home in the evening.

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I agree with you.

But seeing as how I work every holiday except Christmas day…it seems unlikely.

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I worked for a company that gave paid time off for birthdays. Thats was awesome.

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My best friend celebrates the entire month of her birthday-as Princess Month! She makes sure that you know it is Princess Month too but not in a rude way! and IT WORKS-she is treated like the Princess she is! Maybe we should all be so bold!

so YES-I am with you! Have a very happy birthday no matter where you end up celebrating it!

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I prefer having ample vacation time, because I don’t get a big kick out of celebrating my birthday.

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I used to work for a company that gave you your birthday off and paid you for it. You could use that day the week before, the week of or the week after your birthday. It was really nice. I don’t work there anymore, so I usually just put in a day off request on my birthday.

Happy Birthday, btw!

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I’m with you!
But I’ve always taken my birthday off from work, like a thing of principle. Birthdays for me is beer, friends and good food, and that’s not possible to combine with getting up early the next morning. Or working nights, as I do now.

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My old work used to do that. If it was on a day that you already had off, you could pick any day of the week. :) It was at New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union. It was a good thing for sure.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh yeah:

Happy birthday :D

Hurra for deg som fyller ditt år
Ja deg vil vi gratulere
Alle i ring omkring deg vi står
Se nå vil vi marsjere

Bukke, nikke, neie, snu oss i ring
Danse for deg med hopp og sprett og spring
Ønske deg av hjertet
Alle gode ting
Og si meg nå hva vil du mere

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The best birthday present.

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@jmah Happy Birthday!
I wish it were true, even though what statistics may come in the way.
I agreee @mattbrowne on vacation need. I wish at least one month vacation per year.

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