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Who would you cast for the Great Gatsby?

Asked by Gruz06 (811points) May 16th, 2009

I’ve been thinking (a lot) about how The Great Gatsby should be made into a movie. I know it has before, but I’m talking about a GOOD movie. Anyways, who would you cast as the major characters in the movie?

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I hear Brad Pitt wants it.

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Screw Brad Pitt. He’s not as amazing as he once was.

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I am not sure who I would cast, but Brad Pitt sounds like an awful choice.

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I’m not sure about Brad Pitt, he’s already been in one of Fitzgerald’s other stories.

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The original Great Gatsby movie was pretty good though any movie is going to pale in comparison to the original work.

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No one, cuz it was a terrible book and I would never have any part in making it into a film.

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Gatsby: James Franco
Daisy: Amy Adams
Jordan: Anne Hathaway
Nick: Casey Affleck
Tom: Paul Schneider
Myrtle: Emily Mortimer

Brad Pitt is to old to be Jay Gatsby. He is supposed to be 30.

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I say Seth rogan because he is amazing

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@ambos ~ you should have been a casting director if you aren’t already :)

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Richard Gere

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@mcbealer I wish I were.

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It has been 4 years since the last response to this question.
Since that time, a movie has been made, which I avoided because of my dislike for Leonardo DeCaprio. Yes, he was wonderful in Titanic and The Man In The Iron Mask, but in other roles he has seemed out of place. For him to play Howard Hughes is not just bad casting, it is fraud. DeCaprio is a little boy trying to play the manliest of men.
And yet that is exactly why his turn at Gatsby is perfect. Gatsby was a fraud. DeCaprio seems to channel Robert Redford, who also struggled with this role, and for that matter Baz Lurman seemed preoccupied to copy much of the Redford version of the movie. At first I though he a vulgar choice to direct, yet the story is full of the vulgarity and immorality of wealth.
While I wish they had stuck closer to the music of the times, this was a great translation of one of the best books ever written. Good job!

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