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Is there anyone with a DEEP understanding of COBRA?

Asked by Bronxboy (3points) May 17th, 2009

I will be laid off at the end of July (at least I got some notice) but I can go onto my wife’s medical plan. I have several chronic conditions that require monthly prescriptions and quarterly blood tests. Question is she works for our State and their window ends on June 30th. Can I enroll even though my coverage will stay in place until July 31st and what happens with pre-existing conditions in transferring coverage?: I know double coverage is legal so I don’t have to withdraw on June 30 from our current plan. Question is whether I can join the State plan on August 1 and get around their “window””” due to a qualifyiing event under COBRA. I can call the broker tomorrow but I am very anxious about this this morning

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You have to ask your wife’s HR if your losing your job end of July is a qualifying event or not – i wouldn’t hazard to guess for you. I’m not sure why you think COBRA plays into this because I don’t think it does…COBRA impacts your continued coverage under your current employers insurance plan and not your transferring to your wife’s plan.

If it turns out that it isn’t a qualifying event, no need to sweat it, just join your wife’s plan before the State’s window closes..double coverage for one month isn’t bad compared to the alternative which might force you to continue your current plan under COBRA – see how that kind of works?

Also, I think, THINK, you can have a 30-day gap in coverage without affecting “continous coverage”. Continuous coverage is what’s required (at least in my state) to allow you to transfer pre-existing conditions to a new health plan. Check local laws to be certain (in fact, may be a federal thing and so not up to local authorities..check this link).

i hope the above provides you enough info to check into certain things and ensure you’ll be ok insurance wise. good luck!

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@avalmez thank you. I did not articulate my priorities: I am more concerned about retaining coverage for pre-existing conditiions which seems not to be an issue.

My only concern is whether the State would or could reject my joining my wife’s plan inasmuch as I will still be covered to July 31st. I could care less if this employer pays for unneeded coverage.
You are right, I think the burden is on my wife to contact her HR people (she is a school teacher) and run this scenario by them. My plan also includes one child under 19 who will need coverage transferred too.

Thanks again

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hey no probs…hope all works out well with u!

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