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Which one is the best online chatting software programme on iPhone?

Asked by Jat (1points) May 17th, 2009 from iPhone

iPhone best chat programme.

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If you don’t use AIM you fail.

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man, pm me when you find out!

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AIM is the best.

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so far, i agree aim’s best. but you can’t use their cool new stuff on iphone because it requires flash. i didn’t pose this question but i’m currently on a hunt because i have no phone carrier for a bit, hence no sms. i’ve tried ebuddy, gtalk, limechat, jabber, and so forth. most are im, and i use an irc client on a favorite site—they provide the means, but it inexplicably doesn’t always work. ditto for everything i’ve mentioned. i can’t figure out what causes the erratic behavior of pretty much all im and chat cfients on my iphone. the most reliable thing i use is txtdrop, but it’s not the most convenient and certainly unsuitable for extended chats.

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Yip. 100% agreement with @jackfright on this one. Beejive is without a doubt the best I’ve used.
It’s nice as it stands, but on a jailbroken iPhone with background enabled. It’s superb.

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yeah, beejive is cool. i’ll get it when i can straighten out my situation with itunes that my stupid bank card caused. harder than it sounds. a pox of wells fargo.

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i’m gonna keep following this question. it will be interesting to see all the answers. wonder if someone will mention one i’ve never seen before? thanks @Jat for asking this.

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i use palringo because its simple and free

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Whos Here, Is pretty good!

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