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Okay i know that jailbreaking an ipodtouch voids apples warranty thing but if i send it to get its battery changed will they even do it?

Asked by z300100 (1points) May 17th, 2009

i think my ipodtouch needs a new battery but im not for sure how do u know and if u send it to get it changed and its jailbroken will they change it

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before sending it, restore your phone to its original firmware and all should be well, anyway, since they’ll change the battery at any time—not just in warrenty——i don’t see why they wouldn’t do it. but i’d restore anyway. why annoy apple?

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okay wat about knowing when to change the battery

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lithium ion batteries run fine, till they get old. then battery life drops rapidly and dramatically. that’s when you need a new battery.

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so wat should i do about it not charging

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hmmm. i’d restore it to factory new, then take it to an apple store. because they might just give you a replacement. (you might wanna hold out till the new phones and firmware come out, supposedly in june).

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my battery’s way good. i almost always have it plugged in, so it’s lasting like, forever. so what i’m telling you is just what i know from reading like, every iphone forum known to man, and just knowing about phone batteries.

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@iquanyin iPod touches do not have lithium ion batteries. They are lithium polymer.

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And having your iPod charged all the time even when it’s fully charged damages the battery over time.

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oh, sorry. didn’t realize that about touch batteries. thanks for the correction.

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i’m not sure about what you say as to having it always charging. i’ve googled and asked my programmer son and so on, but there are (oddly) no definitive answers here. but i will look some more.

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