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Should I email/and or mail my resume into a job for which I rec’d an auto-response that I "did not meet criteria"?

Asked by mzlisag (18points) January 27th, 2010

I applied for a job for which I met all the criteria listed in the posting; however, I immediately received an automatic email noting that I did not meet “minimum criteria”. I am a bit baffled as to why I received this automated response as I feel I am very qualified. This is a large organization, so I cannot find an actual HR person to contact, nor do they have information listed for one. So I am wondering if I should respond to the automated email to try and convince them to take another look at my application and/or my resume and/or snail mail my resume and cover letter to their headquarters addressed to the HR department. Their on-line application process in conducted through, so I am not sure if my application simply went into a black hole, and in addition, if they will even take a look at those applications that “did not meet minimum criteria”. Any advice is most appreciated.

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It may simply be a glitch. Send them your resume with a cover letter explaining what happened, if you are sure you meet the advertised criteria. +GQ and Welcome to Fluther!

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I agree with stranger. I have had to have people apply more then once because of problems with the automatic process.

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Yea on certain websites that’ll happen when it’s this removed automated process…now I learned to just put bullshit answers to those questions so that I can submit my resume anyway…

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I would also recommend trying it, but don’t get your hopes up too much.

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thanks for the helpful answers!

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Forward your resume via standard mail and explain why you think you’re a good candidate in a cover letter (never ever mention that it could’ve gone to a black hole or a problem in the process the HR folks will take it as an insult). If you don’t hear back, they don’t feel you’re qualified. If you see it posted again though, feel free to apply again.

Keep in mind, some employers are required to list certain jobs when they already have a candidate in mind. So just because the job is posted doesn’t mean they’re seriously considering other candidates.

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The large company I used to work for converted to an automated application system. Depending on how parameters were set by the hiring manager, it would automatically send a “no thanks” e-mail notice to an applicant. It might be something as simple as they had more qualified applicants.

Mailing a resume will probably only generate a response to apply online. My recommendation is to verbally contact the company’s HR dept. to find out the job qualification specifics. They should be able to provide an answer and advise you about either reapplying or point you towards another job in the company in which you might be more qualified. Best of luck!

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