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Should I see a doctor for these insect bites?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) May 18th, 2009

I was renovating an old house the other day (so not in good condition, sure there’s a variety of insects) and when I got home I noticed two insect bites on my upper leg/side of my butt. I didn’t notice the actual bite at all and except for some itching had no symptoms. Today they still itch a little, somewhat less, but they’re probably 1/2 inch wide each and red. It looks like a blister could be forming, but I’m not sure. They’re a little raised, but not much, and not that hard.

I’m assuming since there’s no pain or anything they’re prolly not a big deal and should go away in a few days, right?

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If it were me, I would probably wait another day or two and if they are not going away or are getting worse, I would then go to the doctor. As long as they are not raised rings which might indicate Lyme’s, I would assume they are benign.

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I woul dleave it another day, try calomine lotion to relieve the itching or on oatmeal bath (oats in the foot of old tights swished around the bath)

See how they feel in the morning nd then get them checked out – better to be safe than sorry!!

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I wouldn’t go into the doctor yet. I have poor reactions to typical bug bites and they look similar to what you wrote. Don’t itch them or they’ll spread and give it some more time.

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Did you notice any house centipedes in your house? They can bite and leave a large reddish area for six weeks or so.

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Yea, I would wait a couple days, and they’ll probably go away. I sometimes get them, and they stay for like a week. they are really itchy, so put some calamine lotion on them. Or if you dont have it, its always good to put some hand cream. Or even ice(packs). yes, ice works rather well.

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